The Past, Present and Future-Making Timelines

Aloha Friends!  I am enjoying my 3 day weekend and loving an extra day to catch up and lounge around. I am having a BBQ with some friends this evening to celebrate my birthday (a little late) and to enjoy our beautiful weather that we have been having!!

I went for a long walk this morning with my hubby and my new phone that I got for my birthday :)

I had intended on getting my very first iPhone.  Everyone loves their iPhones.  I ended up getting the Galaxy S5!

I love the camera and it has this fun little feature to take a selfie and a picture at the same time!  It also has a pedometer that automatically counts my steps wherever I go.  I think it's like a FitBit.

It's also water resistant which is great since I plan to walk/jog with it and we are at the beach a lot. It is amazing what phones can do these days.  It's like carrying around a mini computer in your pocket.

Which brings me to the topic of this post!  Phones?  Nope!

Our class started learning about the Past, Present and Future this week.  We talked about how things change over time. (Just like our phones)

We started the week with our Birthday Timeline.

We also learned about inflectional endings -ed/ing in our reading series and how a verb can change to show past, or present.

Click on the picture to grab this freebie in Google Docs.

We started our interactive notebooks and had a lesson on what history means.

We will continue with learning about modern times and the future.  We are also going to be creating our own timelines.  I have shared before how I have students make Personal Timelines.

This is a template from Really Good Stuff that I had used previously.

This year I made a template for my students to use.  I am sending home a letter to parents asking them to help their child write about what they could do at each stage of their life.  I am also asking  them to bring in pictures at each age of their lives (if they have them).

Students will glue in their pictures and write about each year.  If they don't have pictures they will just draw themselves.  I plan to also have them write the year at the top of each picture. I am going to hang them up in our classroom, but they can also place them right into their notebooks.

These always turn out really cute!  I can't wait to share our finished products.

If you are interested in checking out my Timeline Unit it is available in my TpT store.

Thanks so much for popping in. I am off to prepare for my future events.  
Enjoy your long weekend!!


Mahalo Nui Loa For Commenting!!

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