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Digital Planning

Aloha friends!  March is upon us and Spring Break is right around the corner! Then only 1 quarter left!! This year has flown by and there has been a lot going on in my school.

We have a new administrator and she is very tech savvy and moving our school along the tech path.    Our little country school by the beach is cute, but not high tech.

This year our principal has really focused on making us a 1:1 school.  All students in my class now have a Chromebook and all of our data and info is online in Google Docs.

I decided it was time for me to catch up and begin creating my lesson planners in a digital version.

My Blushing Pink Planner is one of my most popular planners and is now available in a digital version.  Simply open it up in Google drive and add your own text, tables, charts or graphics.

 You can access your plans, data and calendar from any digital device through Google.
If you have purchased one of my planners in the past it is essentially the same format.  It includes:

Cover Slides
Organizing Pages
Planner Pages
Grade Book
Calendar Pages
Blank Templates For Your Own Creations

The file comes with 104 different slides. You can delete any you don't need or create a new page with the templates I have provided. There are 18 different planner pages to choose from along with two background choices.
Now all of your plans and info are online, easy to share with admin and colleagues and looks stylish and fun!

Are you ready to go to paperless planning?  Head over to my TpT shop to check out this planner. I will be rolling out all of my planners in digital form soon, so keep checking back for your favorite design.

Valentine Treats

Aloha and Happy Valentine's Day!!  
Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day and a little treat.
TpT is having a sitewide sale.  All items in my store will be 20% off
plus another 5% off when you enter Code: XOXO.

Head on over and find a few treats to make this Valentine's Day a little sweeter!

Handwriting Practice

Aloha friends!! I hope the new year is progressing well for you and that you are on track with your New Year goals and aspirations!!  I can't say I have started all of mine yet, but I have a few that I am working on.  I also have some health goals in mind that I plan on sharing soon!

Today however, I wanted to share something that I have been meaning to create for a LONG time.

I don't know about the students in your class, but by the time mine come to me they seem to have forgotten all of their letter formations.  I am shocked by how many of my students struggle with showing me how to write their letters.

I have placed tags on their desks and reviewed with them, but many still can't seem to remember where to start certain letters and how to use their dotted lines to help them have a nice even script.

So instead of copying practice sheets for each letter I decided to create these little practice booklets to have my students review in a fun and simple way.

Each page has two letters on it with proper formation.  Students trace the letters and then practice on their own.  I followed the same sequence as most beginning handwriting programs. The lower case booklets have letters and words to trace.

Once they finish the lowercase booklet then you can give them the upper case.  This booklet uses capital letters to reinforce Proper Nouns.  I included a name, a place and sentences that begin with the particular letter they are working on.

The booklets are really easy to copy and put together.  Simply print out the 9 pages per booklet, fold in half and staple them.  I have also included posters with each letter formation to display in your class or to use in a center for extra practice.

I am really pleased with the way they came out and the kids are so excited to practice their letters along with neater handwriting.  Well, my kids are excited because this booklet is actually an incentive to get them moving on to cursive.

I have the same format for cursive writing as well.  My second graders have always loved learning cursive at the end of the year.  I previously used a handwritten booklet that I had created and it was finally time to update that one too!

So once my students complete their manuscript practice neatly and correctly, then they get to move on to cursive. I'd say it's a win win!

Since I was on a roll I also created a set of these booklets in D'Nealian handwriting.

D'Nealian is a great way to prep kids for cursive writing.  I am working on a D'Nealian cursive booklet and should have it listed soon. 

You can grab any or all of these in a bundle in my TpT shop.  Click here--->Handwriting Booklets
to check them out.

Mahalo for stopping by and I look forward to sharing more ideas and aspirations with you soon!

October Problem Solving

Aloha friends!  I cannot believe October is already upon us!!  This week I am on Fall Break.  The first quarter just flew by and now I am prepping for my favorite months ahead.

October is such a fun month with Fall activities and Halloween right around the corner. Each month I prep my Monthly Word Problems.

I created these a few years back to really push my kids critical thinking and to get them to think on a deeper level.  This is no easy task for second graders.

Each day we do one problem.  At the beginning of the year I projected them on the board and we did each step together.

I have these posters and the kids can refer to them as they need them.

It has taken the whole quarter to get my kids to do these independently.  I am so happy with their progress!!

I tell them how proud I am of them each day and I know they push themselves to try their best!

Have you tried these with your second graders?  Here is a freebie to see how well they will work for your classroom.

Let me know what you think.  Hopefully your students will become problem solving masters as well!

Birthday Treat

Aloha friends! I hope you are happy and well on this lovely Saturday morning.

I am up early today and getting ready for some fun adventures this weekend.  Yesterday was my birthday!  I didn't celebrate much, except with my class and we did my usual How Old Is My Teacher Today?

I have to say I love this class.  A majority of them thought I was in my 20's or 30's!  See why I love teaching second grade!  It not only keeps me acting young, but feeling it as well.

I actually did have one little gal guess how old I was...

Yup, this gal is 49 years old now, or should I say 49 years young!
I actually love birthdays.  I never feel like I'm getting old, just wiser!

So to celebrate with you I am having a sale this weekend.  All items in my TpT shop are 15% off this weekend.  I know some of you are still getting ready to start a new school year, so this may help out a bit.

I am off to go hike, and then I have a bunch of girlfriends coming over this evening to celebrate with me.  I am making a Tropical Sangria that looks to be a bit potent!! Check it out on Pinterest!

Pineapple Daze

Aloha friends!  These warm days of summer have me lounging, snoozing reading and creating.  Just a quick post today to share these fun little posters I created for my classroom.

There seems to be a pineapple obsession at the moment so I turned it into something fun!  I love the bright colors and can't wait to get them printed out and put up in my classroom.  If you have a love of pineapples too, these might be just what you need.  You can check them out in my TpT shop.

I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am. I have 1 more week to stay up reading until midnight, lounging at the beach and being all around lazy.  August 1st is when the craziness of Back To School begins!

Pineapple Planning

Aloha my sweet friends! I hope you summer is progressing well and that you are relaxed and enjoying some much needed down time!

I have been out of school for 3 weeks now and I have been mixing it up a bit.  Last week I had a three day class that I really enjoyed and then spent some time going to the movies, getting my toes done and hanging out with sweet friends.  I even got in a bit of surfing!

Did you know that June 17th is International Surf Day!?  Well I had to get out there and partake in the festivities. 

Along with all of these other activities I have been doing some work.  I promised that I would get the Pineapple Planner done and I finally finished!

It took me so long to make this planner because I had so many ideas.
I ended up including 24 different cover choices!

With all of these choices you can create exactly what you want.  Just change the text on any of these examples.  I also included ink friendly organizational and planner pages.

Unless I develop another idea I like better I am pretty sure this is going to be my planner this year.  Now I have to decide which cover I want!

If you are a pineapple lover this is for you!  It's available in my TpT shop.

Mahalo for stopping by.  I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am!

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