A Little Birthday Fun

Aloha friends!  I wanted to share some fun that we had this week in class.

We started the week making a timeline of our birthdays.  I gave each child a paper cupcake and they colored it in and wrote their name and birthday on it (some needed a little help).

Then we rearranged the months of the year and put them in order of when we started the school year.

The students then got together by their months and had to decide who's birthday came first to put up on the timeline.

Then we taped them up in order for each month.  We talked about our results and made a graph.

It was simple, fun and got everyone moving around.

My birthday happened to be this week, so I had another activity planned.  Each year I have my students play a fun little guessing game.

I call them up one at a time and have them write down how old they think I am.  I tell them it's a secret and they can't tell anyone.  I also give a prize for the person who is the closest.

I always get a huge range of answers!

I honestly am glad that I am not 8 years old, but I can see how I act like it most days!!

I really am flattered at all the 20-30 year old guesses :)

 Can you see the last one!??  Yup, this lady is 332 years old!  This little pumpkin is going to need some extra practice with number sense.

No one guessed that I was 46, and I was happy to have only 3 guesses that were older than what I really am!

I always end the activity with a little birthday treat that I bring for everyone and we all giggle at the silly answers.

If you would like a copy of the Birthday Guessing Game, just click here to download.  {HERE}
The Birthday Timeline is available in my TpT store.

I can't believe that I am 46 this year!  Where has the time gone?   I have been teaching for 24 years?!!  I honestly can't think of another job that I would enjoy doing for that many years.

Each year always holds new challenges, whether it be with students, parents, administration, colleagues or curriculum. But, each year also brings great joys in the form of delighted faces, warm hugs and growing minds.

I look forward to the challenges and rewards that lie ahead.

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