Workin' It Wednesday- Finding Inspiration

Aloha my fit friends!  I am so happy you stopped by for another edition of Workin' It Wednesday.

How is your summer fitness coming along?  I think we constantly have our ups and downs in our fitness routines.  It never hurts to have a little inspiration or a goal for why you are changing things up.

I think my main motivation is the fact that I practically live in a bathing suit!  I am always at the beach with friends or family.

I also look at old pictures for inspiration!  This one is from 2010.  I cannot believe how much my daughters and my body has changed in 4 years!!!

I think my biggest motivation are these girls.  I want to see them grow up happy and healthy, so I need to lead by example.  They are headed into their teen years and I need to keep up with them.  Right now they have a hard time keeping up with me!!

 Inspiration and motivation can come from lots of places.
I have a Pinterest board with fun and motivational pins.

Some great apps that I use to help keep me motivated:

You can track your meals and workouts, plus connect with friends to keep motivated.

I have really enjoyed my runs this summer and this app tracks how far I have gone, how many calories I burn and keeps track of my monthly workouts on Facebook.

Here is a great list of the Top 25 Apps from PC Magazine to get you going.

I have been doing great with my workouts and I can already see a difference in my legs since I have started using weights!  I went out surfing today and didn't put on board shorts over my bikini bottoms!

I think the biggest motivation is seeing results!!

It's your turn to share how your summer fitness is coming along.  Link up below or share out on Instagram!


  1. I loved reading this. I couldn't imagine being in my bathing suit all the time. :) I have been doing lots of walking and hitting the weights. Eating healthy is my best friend. See you soon in Vegas!

    :) Shelley

  2. I really like your pinterest board and the pins you posted here. Thanks for sharing. I've been exercising regularly since the end of April. My motivation--I feel better when I do something (and my clothes were just not fitting right).

    1. I know, I always feel better when I am exercising!!


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