Workin' It Wednesday- Clean Eating

Aloha everyone!  It's time to show how we have been workin' it this week!

Last week I told you how my fitness has really been effected by my poor food choices.  Have you ever heard the term skinny fat?  I am pretty sure that is me.

In my 20's I always struggled with my weight even though I worked out quite a bit.  I am of the hispanic persuasion and had lots of curves.  Even when I worked out I hovered around the same size and weight.
Then I had kids.  I thought for sure my weight would increase.  That's what everyone tells you.  Well I had the opposite occur.  I went from 130 in 2002 to around 112 in 2004. 

What did I do differently?  Well I had two small children I was chasing around constantly, but I have to tell you breast feeding cleaned me out!  Seriously I think every ounce of extra fat I had in me was sucked out by my youngest daughter.  She was always hungry and I was teaching full time.  It definitely whittled me down.  I was also so busy with babies and work that something had to give.   What gave was that I stopped eating. 

I didn't do it purposely I just focused all my time on making sure my kids were healthy and happy and I slowly just cut down on eating because I was so busy.  My body adjusted to just eating a few bites here and there to fit everything in and it just became habit.  I shrunk down from a size 8 to a 2.

Well 10 years later I am still the same size, but not eating nearly as healthy as I was even a year ago. (The picture above is from last summer) 

Now that my daughters are 10 and 12, I am running them all over the place, still working full time, working on TpT items and now I am a Jamberry consultant!  Whaaaat?  I know I am crazy, but what's worse is that I am grabbing food at 7-11, McDonalds and Starbucks.  I am always out and about and not taking the time to cook ahead and bring snacks with me.  I still only eat a small amount, but it is a small amount of junk and my body is not looking fit.

So here it is summer time and I am taking back my health.  No more skinny fat person here!!  I need to overhaul my diet and get my body back into clean eating.

I found this great freebie from Rowdy In Room 300 to help me plan my meals.

Can I tell you how helpful it is for me to have this hanging on the refrigerator.  Everyone can see what is for dinner and I can shop accordingly.

I have been stalking this site ----------> Clean Eating  They have so many wonderful recipes that I know I can make with planning.  This one looks so good and I can't wait to try it.

It's a Green Goddess Pasta Salad with Chicken.  The ingredients look delicious.

Another thing I have changed up is my breakfasts.  I love my breads.  Bagels with cream cheese, or toast and honey are my go to favorites.  I am cutting that down to once a week and am now having a smoothie each morning.  

This is 1 cup of coconut milk, half an avocado, half a banana and half a cup of berries.  I will be experimenting each week with local fruits.  I just traded a huge bunch of bananas for a load of avocados that came off of my tree.

I should also be adding a little protein to my smoothies, but I'm not really sure what would be good for me.  I need to do a bit more research, but I want to try this brand out as a supplement.

I have to consciously think about my food choices, but I also have to make sure I eat them!!!  I am typing this post right now and am realizing I haven't eaten anything since 7 am.  It is now 1 pm. ( smh)
It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but I'm trying and that is the first step!  

What are you Workin' on this week?  Link up and share out here or on Instagram!


  1. I am working on eating clean too, Corinna! "Back in the day" I was a very clean eater and didn't have an ounce of "meat" on my bones (don't worry, I wasn't ill looking, just super toned and thin). These days, I've got some work to do on my tummy and while I have never given up my workouts, my food choices have not been so great. Over the past several weeks, I've cut out high fructose corn syrup and anything artificial (which means I get unsweetened black iced tea from Starbucks and nothing else-ha!). Smoothies are my go to breakfast (most days), and I try to buy organic when possible (which means non-GMO). I'm already feeling a change (I don't own a scale, and refuse to buy's all about non-scale victories for me). Thanks for sharing that website, that pasta looks so yummy!!

    Primarily Speaking

    1. Omg, we sound so similar Aimee! Giving up my sweetened iced coffee is going to be the hardest!! I have such a sweet tooth! Good for you on giving up all of that. I am trying to cut out the processed foods for my daughters as well. I would love it if you would come link up!

  2. Hey there... just stumbled upon your blog, and apart from having the same name as you (with the same spelling... how rare is that?), I'm having the same experience with breastfeeding... that it's sucking the fat out of me. Totally not complaining, but just thought it was an interesting phenomenon. Thanks for sharing your story :)



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