Science and Social Studies Notebooks Part 2

Aloha friends!  I hope your Monday was a good one and you are enjoying a little down time reading this.

In my last post I shared how I was using notebooks to keep track of all my Social Studies and Science activities.  You can read it here if you missed it. {Click Here}

I received lots of positive feedback and some requests to share what kinds of activities I would be using them for.

Lets start with science.  We have been working on Matter.  We went over Properties of Matter and States of Matter.  Now we are headed into how to change matter-The FUN stuff!  I have some experiments planned this week to help them see how matter can be changed.

Here are my supplies that I picked up for some of the fun.

I plan on starting off with the old baking soda and and vinegar trick.  If you can set up ahead of time it is so much fun for them to make predictions and see what happens.  Place a tablespoon of baking soda in a balloon using a funnel.  Then take an empty bottle and add in some vinegar on the bottom.
Wrap the balloon around the mouth of the bottle without putting the baking soda in.

If you use a Sharpie to draw a face, it makes it even more fun.

Pour in the baking soda and watch their faces light up!

The next experiment is the Coke and Mentos experiment found here. {Click Here}

We are going to have to head outside for this one!  And finally, we will be mixing cornstarch with water to make a liquid and a solid.  I think my kids are going to have a blast this week! {wink, wink}

We will be recording all of this in our notebooks and I made some templates to help us out.  {Click Here} to get them from Google Docs.

For social studies we are continuing with our study of Economics.  We started last week with "What We Want to Be When We Grow Up" and talked about Occupations and Income.

This week we will be moving into Needs and Wants.

If you are interested in the other activities I will be using for Economics I just finished my first interactive notebook unit!

I have included a variety of economic topics and activities.  All in an easy to print format.  I have also included an answer key and pictures of what each of the activities will look like in the notebook.

This unit is intended to supplement your current curriculum.  I am really looking forward to using this with the kids, and since I made it, I know it's exactly what I want to cover. Click on the pictures above to take you to my TpT store.

Once we have all these skills down we will be ready to use our Beach Bucks for the last quarter of the school.

I hope you gained at least a few ideas from my week ahead.  What fun social studies and science activities do you have planned?  I'd love to hear about any other interesting matter experiments that kids love.


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