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Aloha friends! I hope this week is more in synch and flowing smoothly.  We had a slow start, but I feel like we are off and running into the 3rd quarter.

This year it seems like everyone got on the interactive notebook bandwagon.  I was honestly so busy that I didn't really look into it until the end of last quarter.

I have always had a science journal, but it never really got used enough.  We maybe recorded a few experiments and basically just sat collecting dust.

I decided to look into some interactive notebook posts and got a few ideas.  This is what I came up with to work for my class.

I decided to use one notebook for both subjects.  I divided it right down the middle and I put tabs on the pages to separate the sections.

I also made a standards page for each subject.

What I have included are any worksheets or activities that we do for each topic.  We started with maps and globes.
Now were moving onto Economics.

I am using a variety of activities that I have collected over the years and have now compiled them into my different interactive notebook units.  {Click Here}

For science we just started with matter.

I found some fun poems from various resources and just retyped them.

We discussed properties of matter and I had them do some writing.

I plan to continue with some experiments and predictions for next week.

I am no expert on interactive journals, but I like that I can use a variety of activities and include them in here along with note taking.  At the end of the year everything is all in one place.

I made a few printables to help get my journals organized.  The standards are for 2nd grade here in Hawaii, but there may be a few other things you would like to use.  

Just click on the picture to grab the file in Google Docs.

Do you use interactive journals in your class and what kinds of activities do you include?  How long have you been using them?  I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.


  1. Love how you combined both subjects! I've been wanting to try these kind of journals, as well...I think this would be very do-able for my class. Thanks for sharing! 😊

  2. I am doing a unit on states of matter right now. I would be interested in what you are planning for next week. please keep sharing your ideas! Love the poems. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, I will be posting some new ideas soon!

  3. I love how you combined both subjects too! I do my interactive writer's notebooks but use duotangs for SS and SC. I love how you did this. It's so neat and tidy and the concepts are all there. I also like how you included the standards. :)
    The Perks of Teaching Primary

  4. Thanks for sharing, Corinna! I love how you combined SS and Science - so smart!

  5. Hey!!!!
    I started my interactive notebooks this week with your economics unit. It was GREAT!!! My kids asked me each day if we were going to work in them again. They had a blast and couldn't get enough. Even my quiet kids added to our conversations. I think they were so comfortable with these. The text books are so overwhelming. I can't wait for more. What units do you plan on making for science and social studies? I just need to go ahead and buy each for next year. I am hooked. If my kids are excited I know they are learning. Thanks for your hard work. Kristin

    1. You just made my day Kristin! I am so glad they liked it :) I am working on Rocks and Minerals right now and hope to get something for magnets too. I hope to do a unit on Communities for Social Studies too. Thanks again for the great feedback!

  6. Love this idea...I can adapt it to my fourth grade class and have my kids come in with two 5 subject spiral (even though I secretly hate spiral notebooks). One for Social Studies/Science & the other for my Reading, Language Arts, & Spelling interactive notebooks.Thanks for this idea, I'm going back to revise my back to school supply list.


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