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Aloha friends!  I hope everyone had a decent Monday.  I  know that they are not always great, lol!

Just a quick post today to share with you how I am using my iPads in the classroom.  Yes, I said iPads!

This year I received my first iPad through a Donor's Choose project.  I love it! Not only for the students but for myself.  

I started with using it at our listening center.  I downloaded the Storia App from Scholastic and it was an instant listening device.  All the kids fought for it for the first few weeks, but after awhile they learned how to take turns and knew when they would get to use it next.

I also used it for math games for early finishers

Well last week our principal handed out iPads for the whole staff!  It was all set up for us by our Computer teacher and we have access to iTunes and You Tube at school! Yay!!

We also received this little baby so I can hook it up to my projector and display it to the whole class!

Since I have two iPads now I decided to place those two in our Word Work station during our Daily 5.
My kids love the centers I make and purchase and would not give those up, but there are so many great apps that I wanted to try.

So I learned how to make folders on my iPad so that they would know what apps they could play.

Here are some of their favorites that I see them playing.

Endless ABC is just adorable and there are great vocabulary words on there.

Here is another favorite

My smarties like this one and so do I. They have to try to make as many words as possible in 3 minutes with certain letters.

Rocket Speller is cute too, and it's a great way to get your struggling spellers to engage and practice.

Some of the other apps that are on there are Grammar Wonderland, Phonics Genius, Spelling Magic, Spell Animals, Sight Words and Spelling City.

My kids cannot wait to get to Word Work!  My rules are they can only use the iPad once per week to make sure we all get a chance. So I usually have two friends on iPads and two who are doing other activities during this rotation. 

Last week you could have heard a pin drop in my classroom during Daily 5.  Everyone was so engaged, that I was wishing my admin would walk in and see what was happening!

All of the above apps were Free when I downloaded them.  I have not spent any money on classroom apps yet.

I have also downloaded these Math Apps for my early finishers during math time.  Many are just basic addition subtraction practice games.  I love Sudoku games and they have a kids version that is great for this level. 

I have Math Quiz Game Show on my computer that I bought from Lakeshore. I love that they have an app for it and for free. It's a lot like Jeopardy and more than one student can play.

I also like Sushi Monster from Scholastic.  It is definitely higher level for your Math Smarties.

Just a word of warning there are lots of free apps out there, but read the reviews and test them out.  Many are just advertising for paid apps.  

I am lucky to have my daughters to be able to play and tell me what they think before we use them in class.

Do you have iPads in your classroom? What are your favorite ways to use them and what apps would you recommend?


  1. Thanks for sharing these!! I am always on the look out for fun new iPad aps for class!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

    1. I am not that techy Stephanie, but I am having fun playing around with these apps.

  2. I have my own iPad I bring in for the kids to use during Daily Five. So far we have only used for listening to books. Thanks for the great ideas for Word Work. I have wanted to try more Math too !!
    You always have such great ideas Corinna and explain things so clearly in your posts. Thanks so much and have a terrific Tuesday :)

  3. We are getting IPads at our school soon and I am so pysched. Right now I have Kindle Fire that I have some apps on for the kids. I never thought to put it at the listening station! Great idea!
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  4. Oh you're so lucky! I'm really jealous :)) Thanks for sharing the great apps. I'm sure I'll be using them some day soon.
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  5. What are some of the names of the math apps?
    Thanks for sharing the word work apps! I have loaded several on my phone for my students to use

    1. I just updated the post to include Math Apps as well. Bluster is a vocabulary game for the iPad. I don't think it is available on your iPhone.

  6. Also I was just wondering what Bluster was, I can't seem to find the app on my phone, maybe it is just for iPads??

  7. Thanks for the recommendations! One of my kids' favorites is Wordball--I see them playing it ALL the time! Also, Sparklefish is one of their faves. Kind of an interactive mad-libs; good for practicing parts of speech. YAY! I keep wondering about Storia--do you have to pay for the books on there??

    Teach On.

  8. thanks girl! got some downloading!!

  9. Could you tell me what that is called that you can hook to your IPAD and it shows on your projector?
    I have a promethean board - not a smart board.
    my email is thanks so much Marilyn

    1. They are iPad dongles. They work wonderfully.

  10. Most apps are one-time purchases although some are subscriptions and some apps have in-app purchase options. 
    top 50 ipad apps

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