Snorkeling Anyone?

Today I thought I would take you to a few of our favorite places to snorkel here on the North Shore.  We decided to get up early and head out to Sharks Cove.

It's about a 15 minute drive from our house along Kamehameha Hwy, which follows the coastline.

I didn't think to check the tides to go snorkeling, I only check when I am headed out to surf. It happened to be low tide when we got here:(

Sharks Cove is a mass of volcanic rock that is host to tons of tide pools and underwater caves.  It is a protected area and it is teeming with tons of different sea life.

You always see loads of snorkelers and scuba divers.

Since the tide was so low there was not much to see inside the cove, but my daughters did not want to swim in the open water.

So we hiked in and they found a little pool to swim around in.  It was perfect for them. 

In the water you will find a variety of fish, eels, crabs and other assorted creatures. There are tons more if you swim in the open water, but it is a bit scarier.

 Watch your step!  This is Wana (vah-nah) Sea Urchin.  They are everywhere! I stepped on one once when I first started surfing.  The spines are barbed and get stuck in your skin.  You have to soak your foot in warm water and vinegar to help dissolve the spines.  It eventually comes out in a few weeks.

There wasn't much here so we decided to head out to another spot

 Down the street is another favorite spot locally called Three Tables.  This is a bit more open, but still protected so there are lots of fish swimming here among the reef.

 I have gone out past the tables before  and the fish start to get a bit bigger. That's when I usually turn around and swim back, lol!

Parrotfish are common here and so pretty
The fish above is very common here.  It is our state fish. It is called a
 Humu'humu'nuku'nuku'apua'a. (hoo-moo-hoo-moo-noo-koo-noo-koo-ah-poo-ah-ah)

Hahaha, say that three times.  Kids love telling people the name of this fish.  It is like knowing how to spell Misississippi!!

Once we came here and there was a monk seal lying on this beach.  They are rare and endangered and it is against the law to bother them if they happen to be on an open beach.

 Well we were in the water snorkeling and my daughter grabs me and we come up to the surface.  The seal had woken up and swam right past her:)  She loves telling people that story!

This is really a beautiful spot and I love coming here and  laying on the beach just like this monk seal:)

After a bit of snorkeling, my daughters love to climb up these rocks.   If you climb up and around the rocks you will see Waimea Bay.  But that is another adventure.

After our long day we walk across the street to hit Foodland for a snack.  This is our local chain of grocery stores in Hawaii.  This is the only grocery store for miles around and very expensive!!  It is also the only Starbucks on the North Shore.  I can't even fathom the amount of $$$ I have spent here! Luckily I get lots of Starbucks gift cards from my students, since my school is just down the road:)

My daughters grab their favorite snack:

Have you ever had a Musubi?  Spam musubi is a local favorite of kids and grown ups.  It is a slice of Spam with teriyaki sauce on stickyrice wrapped in seaweed.  It's basically like a big piece of Spam Sushi!  Spam is very popular in Hawaii and its cheap. Usually under $2 a can.  Today the girls decide they want a hot dog musubi.  I'm pretty health concious and don't usually let them eat these, but it's a cheap filling snack.

I opt for regular sushi and we head out the door for a picnic.

Mmmm, this is ono!! (oh-no) delicious! 

I hope you enjoyed our snorkeling tour!! 

If you want to learn a bit more about our Hawaiian Sea Creatures stop by Global Teacher Connect.  I just made my first post on this topic:)

 Global Teacher Connect


  1. This post was AWESOME!!! I showed it to my daughter and husband. They are soooooo excited to go snorkeling in Hawaii once we get there. They snorkel here in FL but it's not nearly as exciting. I have to know this the right of that Foodland is there a granola yogurt place? When my husband and I were there a few years ago, we stopped at a Foodland and then went across the street to get this awesome yogurt granola concoction. It was yummy and we've been wanting it ever since then. We can't wait to do all this exploring once we get there in December!

    Extra Special Teaching

    1. There is a shop across the street that makes smoothies, but I haven't been in there in years!

  2. Fantastic post . . . I felt like I was there when I finished reading. I so need a mini vacay, but just can't get away right now. So, thanks, Corinna! My hubs fell in love with those musubi logs during our recent trip to Kauai. He said he wanted something to dip 'em in (that he'd love them even more), but he snagged one for breakfast most mornings :)

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

    1. They also make them with teriyaki chicken, those are my favorite:)

  3. Wow your pictures are amazing!! So jealous :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  4. Ah.. I'm so jealous! And to answer this post's title... YES PLEASE!

    Thanks so much for all the fabulous pics.
    ❤Dragonflies in First ❤

  5. I wish Hawaii wasn't so far from Ohio *sigh* lol


    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class
    PS I'm having a linky and would love for you to join!

  6. Corinna, I am becoming quickly addicted to these posts! Three Tables looks so beautiful & serene. I love the pictures of the sea life & the monk seal. It's just amazing! Would you be interesting in trading can come to Florida and I will go to Hawaii? I really wouldn't mind! ;) haha lol!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. I would love to go to Florida!! We could do a house swap for the summer:)

  7. Snorkeling is so much fun! Those sea urchins remind of when I was scuba diving for the first time and I hadn't gotten the hang of inflating my vest. I kept thinking I was going to land on those! LOL Love the pictures!

    Learning is a Journey
    Polka Dot Parlor

    1. That's great that you have been scuba diving! My sister-in-law is a certified instructor, but being underwater so long makes me really nervous!! I can sit on my surfboard in the water for three hours though!!

  8. How beautiful!! I love reading your posts about Hawaii and see the pictures. I started laughing when I tried to pronounce that fish name though, WOAH!!

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

    1. Thanks Katie!! I remember the first time I tried to read it too, it took me a few tries:)

  9. Fun! Beautiful fish. I went snorkeling for the first time in the Bahamas on our cruise last week. Good times!

    1. How exciting!! I have always wanted to go to the Bahamas!

  10. Amazing as always!

    Heather (

  11. I enjoy your posts so much! A tinge of jealousy at times that my ideal vacation is your everyday :) But, regardless I love learning your Hawaiian lingo lessons and gawking at the beautiful landscape pictures. Thanks so much for sharing!! :)

  12. I have an ex-boyfriend who lived in Hawaii for a while. He used to make the Spam sushi ALL THE TIME! The first time I saw him making it I thought he had lost his mind. Not many cans of Spam get sold here in Central Florida. But after I tried it, it became a regular treat in the house :)


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