Valentine Day Fun

Aloha and Hau'oli la Aloha!!

I am so happy that our Valentine celebration was on a Friday this year!  My class has been working hard and I have also been out of the classroom a lot.  I didn't get a chance to do any crafts or activities for Valentine's Day during the week.  So we had a Valentine Extravaganza.

We started the day making Valentine card holders.  I had students trace a large heart on a piece of 12x18 construction paper.  They chose either red, pink or white.  I stapled the heart in a few places to another sheet of paper and then they cut it out.

 Then they hole punched around it and "sewed" it together with yarn.

They decorated them and then I wrote their name in cursive and they added glitter.

Next we made some cute heart animals.  I had a few examples I had made.
The students then decided on what they would make.

They all came out really cute!

 Next we did some candy heart graphing.  I have not updated this in FOREVER!
This is from AIMS circa 1987!! Am I dating myself?!

Finally we exchanged Valentines.
The banana was from my principal.  Loved getting something healthy!
I made those cute Star Wars Valentines for my class.

My class spoiled me with tons of goodies.  I am going to stash some in the
freezer for those chocolate emergencies!

I am slowly recovering from my chocolate overdose. I spent the  afternoon
relaxing a bit with a fun gift I received for Valentine's Day.

Anyone else really enjoy these adult coloring books?

How was your Valentine celebration? Are you recovering from a chocolate coma as well?
Hope you are able to recover and enjoy your 3 day weekend!!

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