Five For Friday

Aloha! Who's happy it's Friday?

It's been a pretty good week, but who can't be happy about Friday!!!

I haven't linked up in awhile with Kasey from Doodle Bugs Teaching and thought it would be fun to share a few pics from my week.

We started off the week with a fun writing activity using M&M's and Skittles.  
I gave each student 5 M&M's and 5 Skittles. They tasted each and
had to decide which was their favorite.  Of course they loved it!

We also started our Magnet unit this week.  
We experimented with different items
and then sorted them into Magnetic and Non-Magnetic 
pockets in our science journals.
In social studies we are working on Economics.  
We learned about Natural, Capital and Human resources.  
This activity was great for students to see how 
producers use all of these resources to make and sell their products.
This week I also went to a 2 day training on the other side of the island.
This is a view from the Pali Highway.  So beautiful! 
Kaneohe is where our training was, which is about an hour from where I live.  
It's always nice to get to other parts of the island.
I spent Thursday and Friday in a Thinking Maps training geared for K-2.
I gained lots of ideas and will be taking them back to my team to share out.
There are so many ways to use them in all areas.  
I look forward to implementing some new ideas right away.
 My youngest daughter is in 6th grade.  This is her last year with me at my school before she heads up to the middle school.  We pulled over on our way home one day to watch some whales spouting.  We actually couldn't see them once we got on the beach because the waves were pretty big.  We still had some fun taking selfies and snapping some pics of the waves.
I am really going to hate driving alone to school next year.  
Who will listen to me ramble on about waves, surfers, whales and tourist traffic?!

I hope you had a fantastic week as well. Head on over to Kasey's blog to check
out some of her cute February activities.


  1. What a lovely moment for you and your daughter. In Connecticut, we live relatively close to the Atlantic Ocean (about a 45-minute drive), but I've never seen whales spouting from shore! How amazing. My son is in 7th grade, and my daughter is in 2nd. I'd like to pause their growing up sometimes! I just put your economics mini-unit on my wish list! It's great!
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. I can't believe how quickly these years have flown by! Enjoy every minute.

  2. I also love having my daughter with me and I'm really sad to think she might not be in the car with me next year! She will be going to middle school next year as well. I love the resource sheet. The M&M's/Skittles sheet looks good too!

    1. Funny how the littlest things with our kids are really the big things! Thanks so much Carrie!

  3. Yes my DD quit travelling with me to school a couple of years ago and yes I miss her but it does now mean I get to choose the radio station so it's not ALL bad :)
    Love the photos and value your precious moments! Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace


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