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Aloha friends! It seems like forever and a day that I have participated in a Currently linky.  It's a brand new year and I am ready for some brand new changes!

Today is a great day to reflect and plan for a new year.  I have had a challenging year at best and am looking forward to putting things behind and moving forward.

Listening-I lived in San Francisco for 7 years prior to moving her to Hawaii and one of my favorite radio stations was KFOG.  This last week I have been streaming it on my computer and it has brought back some great memories of living in the Bay Area.

Loving- I have really needed this break and have made myself relax. That is a hard thing for me to do. Yesterday I sat on the couch all day and never even got dressed. Didn't feel guilty one bit!

Thinking- I  need to balance out and get many things in order this year.  I have some goals for myself and the only way I can accomplish them is to organize my time.  Looks like I will be needing a new calendar/planner to help me with all I need to do!

Wanting- More time off!

Needing- I have been hibernating for a bit and have had a bit of depression over holidays.   I  did not travel home for the holidays and I missed my family dearly.  I have been a bit weepy and my girls don't seem to know what to do to help.  I need to shake it off and get back to my regular happy self.

One Little Word- My word this year is Courage.  I feel I have always been such a strong person, but 2015 really worked me over.  I suffered quite a bit of loss this year in my personal life.  I need to strengthen myself and head into the new year strong and ready to take on what comes my way.

Mahalo for stopping by! I am so glad you did.

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  1. I had a couple days of not getting out of my PJs this break as well. It's all good! I can't quite figure out what I want my goals to be, either. I'm giving myself at least the first couple of weeks of the month to figure it out. And some time to figure out the ways I will accomplish those goals. The systems to put into place ... that's how it will happen!

  2. Well Sweet Friend-- since I have seen you be Brave, I'm certain that Courage is close at hand. So glad that we have a community of passionate people who care and want the best for everyone. Enjoy the rest of your break (in pjs if we want to--no guilt!).


  3. I think Courage is a great word for the New Year. Hang in there 2016 will be much better!

    Teaching Tidbits and More with Jamie

  4. I'm so sorry things have been difficult. I'm praying that strength and good will come from the difficult times you're dealing with right now. I've spent many days in jammies this past week. It was lovely. Happy New Year.
    Laughter and Consistency

  5. Love you sweet friend! I'm so glad you got some time to relax on the couch! I'm sorry this was such a rough holiday for you. :( Next year will be better, I just know it!! <3

  6. I have been working hard at planning to meet my 2016 goals. I'm using my daily planner to set smaller goals for the month- including planning for the next month. I'm hoping it helps me stay organized and on top of it!

    Primary on the Prowl


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