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Aloha friends!  How many of you headed back to work today? Were you able to get up feeling refreshed and ready to go?

I have been sleeping in all break and it's going to take some training to start getting back up at 5 every morning.  I may need multiple cups of coffee to kick start the week!

I head back to work tomorrow for a teacher work day and my students will start on Wednesday.  Can I tell you how happy I am we only have a 3 day week?

So what will I be doing with only 3 days?  Well of course we will kick it off with a writing activity and share what we did over the break.

This is a freebie template from Latoya over at Flying Into First Grade. 

We will also be making some Silly Snowmen 
to create a new wintery bulletin board.

These cute little snowmen have a riddle on their bellies 
and the answer on the inside flap.

They're pretty simple to make, but if you need a template and some winter riddles 
you can grab these in my TpT shop.

We will also be reviewing our Daily 5 routines to help 
get back into the swing of things.

Click on the picture above to take you to one of my most popular posts 
on how I run my center activities.

Over the break I worked on creating some centers with a winter theme 
to add to my Word Work center.

They came out really cute and I'm sure the students will love the new theme.  Many of my students have never even been off the island.  They have no concept of a freezing cold winter.  It's always fun to imagine though.

I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine and actually just spending some time with my students and talking to them about their break.  They always love sharing their personal lives with me, but even more so, they love when I share with them as well.

I saw this today from Jodi over at The Clutter Free Classroom.

Such a great reminder as we head back into the classroom refreshed and ready to greet those little learners who depend on us more than we may know!

Enjoy your week back.

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