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I hope your year has been great so far and that you have settled into a great routine. Second grade is that year to really hone in on memorizing those math facts from 1-20. My students usually do pretty well with addition facts 1-4. I find it's more of a struggle for them to memorize the higher numbers from 5-9.

Each day I have my students get onto Xtra Math and do a lesson.  This is a free program that I'm sure many of you use. It is accessible through Clever but easy to access online.

Xtra Math

It's a great way to get those facts memorized and also to let those higher level students move up at their own pace.

It's also great to supplement with other digital activities, pencil paper tasks and physical centers or games.

Recently I started playing around with some fun ways to get more practice and I came up with this fun game to focus on those higher facts.

This Build A Bug game has students focus on addition facts 5-9. Each answer they get right helps them build their bug.

It's a super easy and fun way for them to practice, but if they make a mistake they have to go back to the start. This gives them extra practice and keeps them engaged since there are only 6 problems for each bug.

This game can be linked to Seesaw or used however works best in your classroom. Once students click on the link the game will automatically begin. It works in Google Slides or Powerpoint.

I have this game in my TpT store for half off right now. I'd love for you to try it and let me now what you think. I'm wanting to create a whole set of games for my students to practice math skills in a fun and independent way!

Click on any of the pics to purchase in my store.

What are some other activities you are using with your students to help them with their math facts? Do you prefer digital or physical games? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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