Favorite Second Grade Read Alouds

Aloha friends!  I hope you are all surviving these last few weeks before Spring Break.  I just have this week left and then it's time to sleep in, drink lots of coffee, surf and play for a week.

My class this year is moving right along and they are ready for a much needed break as well.  These days it can get a bit rowdy in class and I seem to lose their attention way to often.

One of the best strategies to get my class back in tune is to just gather them on the carpet and read to them.  It always calms them down and they look forward to our stories so much.  I read to them everyday, but somedays we have a quick 10 minute story break on top of the usual time.

We just finished reading The Boxcar Children which is a longtime favorite and I realized I didn't know what to read next.  Many of my favorite books seem to have disappeared over the years and I wasn't finding anything in my personal library that we hadn't read.

I decided to survey some second grade teachers on Facebook and ask them what their favorite read alouds were.  Here are the top 40+ Favorite Read Alouds that readers suggested:

You can see that favorite authors such as Roald Dahl, Kate DiCamillo and Beverly Cleary continually pop up.  Kids and adults seem to adore these books.

If you would like a copy of this list just click on the picture to download it in Google Docs.

I also created a list on Amazon that I plan to continue adding titles.  You can read reviews and decide which stories might be right for your class.  Click on the link or the picture above to check it out.

Are your favorite books included on this list?  If not leave a comment below to share some new titles that I may have missed.  Happy Reading!!


Mahalo Nui Loa For Commenting!!

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