Planning For A New Year

Aloha friends!  Have you started back to school yet?  This last week was my first full week.  It went really well and I was surprised that I wasn't exhausted by the end of the week!  It usually takes me awhile to get back into the swing of things.  The difference this year was that I planned very little for the first week.  I worked on routines and procedures with just a few activities thrown in.  What a world of difference it made!

The week before school began I sat down with my teammates and we planned our first week together.  Many of you know that I love creating planners and I was happy to give my colleagues a new planner for the year.

They came out really well and my fellow 2nd grade teachers loved them.

All my planners have the same types of pages, I just change the backgrounds for each theme.

I decided to go with Pink and Gold glitter.

I added pages I needed and put in all my dates and specials in the planner pages.

I wish my pictures weren't so dark, but you get the idea of what they have inside.
Each of them is editable which means you can open it in Powerpoint and add text
boxes over whatever you want to add.  They make a great gift for co-workers too.

Stop by my TpT shop to check them all out.

Now it's time to fill up my planner with all the fun activities
I have planned for the next few weeks!

If you have started back I hope you are enjoying your time with your new class.  If you are still on break enjoy your time at home!!

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