Tickled Pink

Aloha friends!  I am loving my summer break so far.  I can't say I'm sleeping in as my internal alarm is still waking me at 5:00 am, along with my cats!

I have been wanting to sit down and create a new planner for myself this year.  I wanted something new and fresh.  I saw lots of pink and gold on Etsy and it looked so fun, so I went with it.

I couldn't decide which cover I liked best, so I put them all in!

I included as many informational pages as I could think of, 
but since it is editable you could add whatever you need!

The planning pages come in four different backgrounds and different styles.
Again you could easily add whatever you would like  to customize it.

A gradebook and calendar are also included. The file contains a powerpoint file to enable you to edit and also a PDF file if you just want to print out the pages as is.  I find that some of the editable pages are not as crisp and clear as the PDF file.  

I couldn't wait to print it out to see how it looked and just decided to put it into a binder.

I just couldn't seem to get the right lighting for my camera, but you can see that the glitter prints really well! It looks much better in real life.

Even though I LOVE this one I am not sure I can commit yet.  I have created a similar style in Mint.  Here is a preview:

Just click on the picture to head over and check this one out!! 
Both of these planners are available in my 
TpT shop along with many other styles.


  1. I love these, too bad I am retiring this year.


    1. Thank you Terri! I am so jealous you are retiring!! Enjoy every minute!

    2. Great Planner! So pretty! I am brand new to the blogging scene, and I will be sure to follow you.

  2. This is beautiful... love it!

    What font did you use? I'd like to download it for other signs in my classroom :-)


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