Earth Week and An Update

Aloha everyone!  Just a quick post to share a few things.  First up this week is Earth Week and we will be spending some time outside enjoying our beautiful island.

On Friday we made some really cute Earth Hugging Kids.

The students wrote three things that they had learned about protecting our natural resources.
Just click on any of the pictures to download the template to make them.

I ran across this video and just thought I would share.  It's just a few minutes, 
but truly shows what a beautiful and amazing world we live in.

I have had many requests recently to update my Cool Colors planner for the 2015-16 school year.

 It's all ready to roll for the new year.  Just download for the update.  I am also putting it on sale for the next few days if you want to grab your own copy.

It's been a busy weekend and I am truly exhausted!  I feel like I need another day to recover.

Hope you have a fabulous Earth Week!

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  1. Thanks for the Earth Day ideas! I love the writing and craft and the video is perfect for Second Grade! Enjoy your beautiful island this week. I was fortunate to visit it 2 summers ago and it is gorgeous!


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