End Of The Year Math Centers

Aloha friends!  I am looking at my calendar and see that I have only 4 weeks left of school!! Can you believe how quickly this last quarter has flown by?

My class is in full preparation for our May Day performance which is on May 16th.  This year the second grade classes are performing Iko Iko.  We are doing the Wii Just Dance version. I am working on the last few costumes right now.  My students are really into it and I can't wait to see the whole dance come together.

With all the final excitement I want to keep my guided reading groups going for a few more weeks, along with my math rotations.  I have been working on some new math centers and have finally finished them!!

I have been wanting to make a set of tropical/luau centers for a long time and I am so glad I finished them!!  These took me so long because I went back and forth with different graphics to make them just right.

Get ready for a picture overload of each of these 7 centers.

I use manilla envelopes to keep all my centers together.  My students can quickly grab the envelope they want and find a quiet spot to work.

Fishing For Fractions

Tiki Time

Luau Lengths

Students measure in both inches and centimeters.  I laminate each piece so students can write the answers right on the card with a dry erase marker.

Volcano Values-Matching the underlined digit with its value.

Surfin' Shapes-This one took me forever to round up all these cute little shapes, but I love the way it came out!!

I had a request to make a center to work on rounding.  Although this is not in the Common Core it's still an important skill to have.  I created an anchor chart and a number chart to help.

Students can circle the correct 10 right on the card.

Tropical Sums and Differences-Students can use a dry erase marker to solve the problem right on the card and them find the matching answer.

Each center comes with a review sheet.
I usually laminate the sheets to save on paper.

I know my students are going to love these and I hope you do too.  They are available in my TpT store. {Click HERE
I would love to give away a set today.  Just leave a comment below with your email.  I will pick a winner tonight at 6:00pm Hawaii time. 

If you are looking for some end of the year literacy centers to go along with this set, check out my Down By The Sea centers.

Are you winding down with the end of the year?  Any big activities to end the year with a bang? I would love to hear what you have planned!


  1. Aloha! These centers look fantastic! I would love to win them for my class. We have 33 days left of school and these would be just the thing! caroaf@comcast.net

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  3. I would love to have these in my class. ....Standupwme@yahoo.com

  4. Those are too stinkin' cute! Wow! I'd love to end the year with these centers as a review! Sjakpalmer@msn.com

  5. Your centers look great! Would love to win these! We have about 35 days left.
    -Courtney cfcastonguay@yahoo.com

  6. These are so cute! We have 18 days left here in Florida, and these centers would be perfect for the kids right now. Thanks for the chance to win :) Sheri sherii@cfl.rr.com

  7. This has got to be the cutest center I've seen! LOVE the clip art- what a great way to end the school year! We have about 30 days left and a week of teacher trainings!


  8. These would help me a ton with the last few weeks of school! Fingers crossed! shakespear@kane.k12.ut.us

    1. Forgot part of my email... shakespearm@kane.k12.ut.us

  9. These are darling! I would love to add them to my math stations!

  10. Love the graphics, especially since many of my students have never seen the ocean! kcross@509j.net

  11. These are amazingly clever and awesome! Good work!!!!

  12. Such creative ideas! Would love to win some for my classroom :) Thanks! mrs.s.wheeler@gmail.com

  13. Would love to win these centers. bcole80@ yahoo.com

  14. So glad I do not have to prep for a performance...my hat goes off to you!

    Love the graphics on your centers...would love to win! tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  15. So glad I do not have to prep for a performance...my hat goes off to you!

    Love the graphics on your centers...would love to win! tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  16. These centers look amazing! I would love to win!

  17. You make such wonderful products I dream of visiting Hawaii someday... I hope I am not too late to try and be lucky and win these my daughter would go crazy if she found i got more beached themed activities from you!! valeriefahselt@yahoo.com

  18. OOhh they look fabulous!!! thursdaytook@hotmail.com

  19. These look wonderful! I would love to use them with my second graders!

  20. Very cute! I would love to use them. Plc901@gmail.com

  21. I love the Hawaii theme!! It would be great to share that theme and the graphics here in the mountains!! No water any where near here!!! LOL stuchaca@yahoo.com


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