Five For Friday-End of Conference Week!

Aloha everyone. It has been one of those crazy weeks trying to balance teaching with parent conferences, along with running my daughters around to all of their extra-curricular activities. You know what I'm talking about! 

Now that I have some down time I am linking up with Kasey for her fabulous Five For Friday post.

I am not complaining about conferences at all.  The students are released an hour early each day so that we can fit everyone in.  But, that hour a day adds up quickly and I feel like we missed out on so much, especially with Halloween around the corner.  On top of all that, the SPED teacher was out all week with no sub plans!  I had a string of different subs throughout the week that I had to explain everything to.   Needless to say this about sums it up!

Between the rushing around we did manage to get some things accomplished this week.

We have been having tons of fun learning about nocturnal animals.  I think we have checked out every book from our library and the students have even brought in their own. 

We made these great positive/negative pictures.  We discussed symmetry and then I let the students choose what animal they wanted to create.  When they were finished they had to wrote three facts about their animal.

We also had some time to tell some Halloween riddles.  The kids love them, and we talked about the double meaning of some of the answers.  They chose their favorite riddle and made their own little pumpkin riddle craft from my Ghostly Giggles pack.

We ended the week with mosaic pumpkins.  I gave each student a black piece of paper and a small sheet of colored paper.  I told them to draw an outline of a pumpkin with a white crayon.  Then I showed them how to cut small squares to create their picture.

I gave the kids a choice of 5 different colors.  I love this one.

These pumpkins were donated to our class and I am looking forward to doing some fun activities next week using Nicole's Pumpkin Unit. 

I am thrilled it is the weekend!  My daughters and I are going to decorate our yard tomorrow for Halloween, carve our pumpkins and then we are going to Turtle Bay Resort for a fun Halloween bash and Haunted House.  What exciting things do you have planned?


  1. I love those positive/negative pictures! That's the perfect way to finish up a nocturnal animals study.

  2. We just finished up parent conference week too, glad you survived!

  3. We are backwards! We did my pumpkin unit this week and will do your nocturnal animal unit next week! :)

  4. Love your book bag hooks. How exactly are those hung up? I can't totally tell from the picture. I would LOVE to be able to hang up my book bags like that.

    A Rocky Top Teacher

    1. Sarah they are hooks I bought at Walmart. Very heavy duty!


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