End of The Month!?

Aloha my long lost friends!  It seems like I have not written a post in FOREVER!  I honestly have been so busy and a bit overwhelmed this year with school that blogging has taken a back seat.  I started this blog to share great teaching ideas and I feel like I haven't shared anything new and exciting.

Well today I do have some exciting news about the winner of my October Giveaway!

Thanks so much for entering and following along Lori!  I hope you enjoy all of the units.

Another exciting item I wanted to share was that today I attended a conference in Honolulu with "The Sisters" Gail Boushey and Joan Moser!  The focus was on their second book The Cafe.  They came last year and the conference sold out so quickly I didn't get to go!  I was thrilled to find out they were coming back and I signed up the minute I heard about it!

I was really excited to get more in depth with the book and figure out how to implement it into my classroom.  I was also looking forward to teaming up with some fellow Hawaiian bloggers. 

Well during our break we all got together and talked with Gail and Joan and they were so sweet!  Their enthusiasm and love of what they do was so inspiring.  They also thought that it was pretty amazing that we were all bloggers and they are going to give us all a shout out in their next newsletter!  How cool is that!!

The workshop was so informative and really made me think about assessment and instruction.  I plan to sit down and reread The CAFE  over my Fall break which starts next week!

My last piece of news is that I have finished my monthly word problems for October.

I have included the same types of word problems, but with an October theme.  Skills covered include addition, subtraction, money, fractions, multiplication, division and time.  I focused on a few skills like making doubles, and I also included some two step word problems which are still so difficult for some of my learners.  The format is set up to help students use as many strategies as possible to solve the problem.  Also included is an answer key to help guide with some examples of how students might solve a problem.

Just click on the picture to pick them up in my TpT store.

Well I guess I did have a few things to share.  It's about time!  

This week I have another workshop to attend on creating writing rubrics.  I am hoping to gain lots of new information to use in my classroom and to share with you all.  Hopefully I can process it all over my break.  

What's new with you? 
Any exciting news to share?  
I always love reading your comments and ideas.
So glad you stopped by.


  1. Your conference sounded great, lucky you ! Once we are in full swing school really takes over. We are entering our 5 week and it is busy !! Always fun to read your blog :)

    1. Thanks Diane! Things can pile up so quickly!! Looking forward to some down time next week :) Always happy when you stop by!

  2. How fun that you got to go to the conference! I love to go to good ones that inspire and excite me about teaching! I completely understand about feeling so unbelievably busy. :)
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. I don't remember feeling so overwhelmed last year. But we have had a lot of changes in my school and grade level.

  3. We just posted about the SAME insanity of life right now. So long September! October-we are hoping you are much more calm!
    Oh how we would love to be able to make it to those meet ups!!! I'm sure the hubs would totally understand if we had to have our next meet up in Hawaii! :P

    Here's to a smooth start to October! Hugs!
    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

    1. Oh my goodness, wouldn't that be fun! I bet you could persuade him!


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