Calendar Math and The First Week Back

Aloha everyone!  This was Back To School week and I was bracing myself for the sheer exhaustion that I usually feel even after the first day.  But I didn't actually feel really tired until Thursday night.  It all caught up to me and I was asleep on the couch by 8:00 before my own daughters has even gone to bed!!

I wanted to share some fun pics from the week and also address my Calendar Math time, since I had a few questions about it this week.

Okay so this picture is not so fun, but I had to share.  This is a Cane Spider and I absolutely hate them!  They freak me out and they move so fast.  They also jump!  If you have ever heard a scream from a horror film movie mine would probably be similar when I see these! I calmed myself long enough to take a picture.

I posted my first day of school activities on Tuesday and I had a few questions about my Calendar Math time.  This calendar set was purchsed from Lakeshore. 

After lunch my kiddos come in from recess and we start math.  They sit on the carpet in front of our calendar.  We do the date together and read it out loud.  We discuss whether the date is odd or even and tell how we know. I have it color coded for now-yellow is odd, blue is even.

Then we talk about the number of the day.  I am sticking with days in school to help remind me.  I asked students to tell me number sentences for 1.  I write down all of their answers.  You can tell right away who your math whizzes are!

We also color in our hundreds chart to match.

Below the calendar I have this chart.  I believe I purchased this from Really Good Stuff.

If there is time we will go over one of these story problems that is included with this calendar set.
Finally I pick a skill that we are working on and we review it.  This week is skip counting by two's to help us with odd and even number.  Then I start my regular math lesson.

The first Friday of every school year I have the students bring in a piece of fruit and we make a fruit salad to kick off learning about life cycles of plants and animals.

Finally I make sure I take lots of pics to remember what we looked like on the first day of school.  I will be using these for their Surfer Of The Week books.

One last reminder about the Educents deal that is taking place right now.  You have one more day to purchase this Amazing deal!  I have already purchased and have been prepping some of these great products.  

Just click on the picture to take you to their site!


  1. I love how you do the number sentences for your number of the day - I really need to add that! It fits right in with our math curriculum. Thanks for sharing!

    Sprinkled in Second

  2. Love how you do calendar math. Thank you for sharing that! It gave me some great ideas for this year. Also, I was wondering if you could share what you do with surfer of the week?


    1. Thank you Krissy. I was planning on sharing my Surfer of The Week, next week :)

  3. What a spider!!!!!! I don't like spider. That was crazy big. Glad your year is going good. I start with my students Wednesday. Very excited to begin my new adventure at my new school. Take Care

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

    1. I hope you have a great new school year Tammy! Good luck!

  4. Thanks for posting your calendar math. I have the same kit-which I disassembled when we stopped doing calendar math. Guess what? It's baaaack! Now I am finding the pieces here and there. This helps a lot!

  5. you have spiders, we have cockroaches - bleh!!! And I love your calendar! I should've done THAT one for my D.C. project - haha!

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