Throwback Thursday-Acrostic Poetry

Aloha everyone!  I was up early this morning and catching up on some blog reading when I came across this great linky over at the First Grade Parade.

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What a great idea, since my creative brain in on vacation at the moment!

This is a post I originally created on 11/28/12

I  wanted to share a little activity with you that I did this week in my class.  We have been working on parts of speech and the kids have nouns down pretty well, but adjectives are still giving them some trouble.

I decided to use our Writer's Workshop time to write some Acrostic Poems.  I started out simple and just decided to use our names.

We pulled out the Thesauruses  and Dictionaries and I let the kids get to work.

They loved looking through these and coming up with new words.

Many of my higher students found some great words and were so helpful to some that were
having a harder time finding words.

For those who were having trouble or writing words that didn't make sense I kept using this sentence
"Child's name" is so _____________.

So when they wrote down a word like "fire", I would say " Oh, Jeff you are so fire."

Of course they all giggle and then Jeff would go back and find a better describing word.

I was really happy with how well their poems came out!

I was so excited to get them all hung up and they were just as excited to share what they had written.

I honestly helped only a few students who were struggling with this activity.  The rest was all on their own, with the help of the dictionary or thesaurus.

I created the templates that they wrote their final copies on. There are 3 different templates.  If you would like them you can grab them in Google Docs.

Thanks for hosting such a fun linky Cara!  Don't forget to surf on over and link up!  Just a quick reminder too, all my Surfed themed items in my TpT store are on sale today.


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