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Aloha! Happy May Day everyone!!  Today we celebrated May Day by wearing our leis at school.

Our Hawaiian studies teacher came in and brought in a special guest.  He was a native Hawaiian who was born and raised on Ni'ihau.  Ni'ihau is called the forbidden island and only has around 100 people living there.  It is a private island only open to native Hawaiians.  They live their life in the old Hawaiian ways.  My kiddos had tons of questions for him and it was so interesting to learn about the island!

May 1st is not only May Day, but time for a new Currently.  One of my favorite ways to share and see what everyone is up to.

I love Pandora, but it can get a little repetative sometimes.  The hubby punched in Henry Mancini and it has been playing this cool swanky sixties music.  I am diggin' it man!

School is going to be a whirlwind in the next few weeks, so I need to get myself in shape and keep my immune system up!  Last year I was so sick at the end of the school year from all the stress.  

The weather is gorgeous here, but there are no waves.  I need to mix up my workout routine and get in more walks and jog a few miles a week. 

I am off to go for a little jog, and then I plan to read what everyone else has been up to!

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  1. Gosh! I need to get off my booty and get to working out too! We have 15 school days left too and man, the whirlwind has already started! I hear ya!

  2. You are on the home stretch! I feel the same way about getting my room in order. I have leaving my class unorganized all summer.

    Fantastic First Grade Froggies

    1. I need to start purging now, in order to be done!

  3. Happy May Day Corinna !!! Although technically it is May 2nd now in my neck of the woods. I am freaking out tonight thinking about everything I still need to do and I have double your days left !!!
    Maybe I need some jazzy, cool tunes to help me chill out !!!

    1. I am sure you will get it all done, but the music might help :)

  4. Hawaii! I am jealous! You have an Hawaiian studies teacher? That is very cool. I am so interested in all of your Hawaiian customs and that island sounds amazing. My teammate just returned from Hawaii and she has been talking about doing a Hawaiian unit. I am going to direct her to your site!

    1. Thank you so much Heidi! I plan to do lots of posts about Hawaii this month :)

  5. Your post makes me smile! I will be more than happy to workout with you when I get there:)I have 25 school days left and I have started to take almost everything down...deciding what to bring and what not to bring. I have SO much money invested in my room and don't want to replace it all when I do get a job! Keep your fingers crossed for me:)

    Tonya's Treats for Teachers

  6. Yay for the end of, if only I lived in Hawaii. lucky Duck!! ;)

  7. Almost there girl! All the Hawaiian 'stuff' is out. I think about you every time. Jealous of the beautiful place you call home:)
    My Second Sense

  8. I hear you on the stress! I have a concoction on hand to take whenever I get a sore throat. It's so easy to get sick this time of year ... almost worse than winter!

  9. I need to work out, but I'd rather dig in to the rice krispy treats! I wish wish wish that we only had 17 days of school left! More like 26ish or something.

    Rowdy in First Grade

  10. I think everyone all over the world is going through this crazy time right now. I can't wait for summer too. I'm glad I found your blog. It's stinkin' cute. I am a 2nd grade teacher.

  11. I have to confess that when I read your post (midnight my time) I was thinking WOW Corinna is crazy going for a jog at midnight! I totally forgot about the HUGE time difference! Ha! Ha! Can you tell I was super sleepy?! :o)

    A is for Apple B is for Blog


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