Five For Friday

It's Aloha Friday, no school 'til Monday!!  Whoo, hoo!  I am a little sad though because I came down with the sniffles, and report cards are due Wednesday :(  I will be laying around the house this weekend trying to get them all done.

Before I turn on the BooB tube and tune out for the night I thought I would link up with Kacey for Five For Friday.

Monday was April Fools Day and I know a lot of teachers had some fun things planned, but all I did was write this on the board for their homework.

It was so funny because none of the students questioned it.  They just wrote it down in their journals and started whispering things like "I don't know how to do a book report", and "I don't know what to do".   I finally went over it and then asked them if they knew what day it was, and none of them did.  I had to explain and they all giggled and said "Oh I knew it!"

We started our daily word problems this week and I was happy with some of the answers....

but some definitely need more practice!!

They will get it, I know they will!!

Today we caught up on some math lessons and I turned some of my students into teachers.  My quick finishers who understood the concept got to be the teacher and help a student who was having trouble finishing.  Why haven't I done this before??  It was amazing how engaged those kids were.  My teachers were so proud and my strugglers worked so hard to please their teachers!

I paid my teachers $20 in Beach Bucks and that was the icing on the cake!!

Today was Payday in my classroom and the kids were so excited to cash their checks and go to the school store.  My bankers were great and my Storekeeper was hilarious!  She greeted all of her customers and helped them to make a decision on what to buy.  Then when they bought something she said "Thank you, enjoy those "stickers"!  Too much fun!

We drew some spring flowers to start a new bulletin board which we will finish next week.

After school I went to get my daughters from the playground and saw all these kids with big pieces of cardboard.

I guess you would call this Hawaiian sledding!!  They were really flying down that hill!
(The hill is much steeper than it looks!)

I thought that looked like a perfect way to enjoy a sunny Friday afternoon!!


  1. I want to come and go sledding! How much fun!

  2. Sledding in Hawaii.....who knew ???? Our snow is finally gone :). Hope you feel better !!!!

  3. What a great and simple idea for an April Fool's joke! Love payday and store! How do you stock your store? I am always interested in knowing that from other teachers who do the classroom economy!

  4. That April Fool's joke was too funny! :) And what sweet kiddos you have! They were going to rise to the challenge! :) I love it! :) Those daily word problem sheets are SWEET! ;) Do you have them in your TPT store? Hawaiian sledding? PRICELESS!!! :)
    Enjoy your weekend! :)
    Happy report card writing! :)



    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade

  5. I love Hawaiian sledding! Such a cute idea!

    Extra Special Teaching


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