When I Was In 2nd Grade

Do you remember what it was like when you were in Second Grade??  I had to join Second Grade Sparkles fun linky and share what I looked like in 2nd grade.

I grew up in Colorado and went to school in Denver for the beginning of Second Grade and then we moved mid year out to the suburbs.  I know my mother has a class picture somewhere, but these are the only pics I have of myself at this age.

 Check out those awesome homeade 70's dresses that my mother sewed.  I learned all my sewing and crafty skills from her.  Love all those pleather chairs in the house too! My sis and I are 5 years apart, but we are really close.

I love this one because I can remember catching this fish and I was sooo excited.  I just adore that my little sis is there and just lookin' so stinkin' cute with those pigtails!

This is my new baby brother that I got for Christmas that year. Well, he came a bit earlier than Christmas.  Notice the pink foam rollers in the hair and the denim patch jumper with the ric-rac!

Here we are now all grown up! This is in Vegas last year for my sissy's 38th B-Day!!
I'm the one on the right;)

Head on over to link up your school year photos.  I can't wait to check them all out!!


  1. I think we had very similar chairs.....the pink foamy curlers we wore every Sat. night to bed inspired one of my Mom's best lines..."It hurts sometimes to be beautiful". You were so cute...love the sis pics, great linky. Happy Friday :)

  2. I like too that your pics are from the 70's.....other linky pics show gals in Gr. 2 in the nineties....mine would be from the 60's, yikes !!!

  3. Those are all so sweet. Not sure I could find my pics... From the early sixties! Yikes!
    Grade ONEderful
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    1. I love looking at everyone's pics! I bet yours would be adorable!

  4. I loved your pictures!! Like DidiTeach said, mine were very retro too! :)


  5. I am loving the 70s tint on your pictures!! You look so cute holding that big fish! :) Thanks for linking up, Corinna!!

    Second Grade Sparkle


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