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It's official. I am in love :))  If I was in high school I would be drawing little hearts all over my notebook! It's my hubby's fault he introduced us, and brought it home for me.

It's my new surfboard and she's so pretty.  She is swirly purple and so shiny.  I took her out for a test drive this evening and that sealed the deal.  She rides like a dream and catches waves super easy.  She is smaller than my last board and very fast.  My board I usually ride is 7'6", this one is 6'5".  It's like going from a  mini-van to a little sports car:)

My go to board is great. Her name is Betty and we have been together for about 5 years.

I have a feeling Betty is going to be very jealous and will not be happy being cooped up in the surf shed this winter.  My biggest dilemma now is what to name my new board??  She needs a good purply swirly name.  So I am having a mini giveaway!!
Help me name my new board and I will giveaway 2 items from my TpT or Teacher's notebook store.
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Before I go just a quick announcement. I just opened up a clip art shop over at Teacher's Notebook.  I love making all those digital papers, but my TpT shop is getting too cluttered so I am going to just add new papers, frames and clip art to the Teacher's Notebook shop:)  I would love it if you stopped by to check it out.

Okay I can't wait to hear what names you have in store for me.  I will randomly select someone from the giveaway to win the items from my store, but I will let you know the name I choose:))


  1. She's so pretty! She looks a lot like cotton candy to me... so I think you should call her Candy! Is that too white trashy? Lol!

  2. haha - I was thinking Candy, too. It looks like yummy taffy! Or Penny Lane, Kate Hudson's character from Almost Famous. It is such a gorgeous board. It has a bit of a psychedelic funky-cool look to it, too. :D

  3. Marble! It looks like the pretty swirly marbles.

  4. How about Violet?

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  5. I was thinking Minnie - since it's a bit smaller than your other one
    Teaching in the Valley

  6. Ohhhh, it is so pretty. I was thinking Indie (because that is the name my kids didn't name my grand daughter and I like it, lol) OR Twila (short for Twilight - the time of day that the sky is purple and the water is warm) OR Rose OR Dawn (the early morning light when the water is still) Have fun with her.


  7. or Pearl - since you live on Oahu and she has that pearly, swirly color.


  8. I looked up names that mean ocean or sea, not many good ones to pick from, but Murielle means "bright as the sea." This reminded me of "Ariel" also but that means "Lion of God" . . . I'm not sure you want to ride a lion. :)

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  9. How about Lola or Dream Rider?

  10. She's gorgeous!

    Tie-dye looking makes me think of peace, so I looked up the Hawaiian name for peace which it says maluhia.

    So Maluhia :)

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  11. My first two thoughts were "Purplicious" and "Purple Haze" but those aren't real names, so I tried to think a bit more. Mkay, here's the list:
    Lavender, Violet, Lydia, Maeve and Vy. All are names associated with purple.

    Have fun surfing!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  12. What about Angelina....since she is kind of a home wrecker! Lol

  13. That is one beautiful board!
    Magenta (Maggie), Amethyst (Amy), Lola, Celeste (celestial...night sky kind of look), Gypsy, Dharma:))
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  14. Such wonderful names. I was also going to suggest Violet and to call her Vi (long i) for a nick name but I do love Twila/ Twilight option cause of the meaning.

    I also REALLY love Victoria/ Vicki.
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  15. How about Betty-too or Betty-two?

  16. OOhh I like Purplicious!

    Christina :)
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  17. Hi Corinna!
    Love the board and the sunny beach pictures!! How about Bubbalicious? The board reminds me of the purple grape bubble gum I used to love to get as a little girl.

    By the way.. I love those holiday papers!

    Have a great week!

    1. Oooh I like Bubbalicious! It sounds so grapey, I can almost taste it!

  18. so many cute names have already been posted so i had to wrack my brain. hows about orchid???

  19. I love all of the names posted!! I would name her Lily - it means purity and beauty. She is beautiful and the ocean seems like pure beauty.


  20. I like your new board and love your blog! I am also completely jealous that you live in Hawaii - I have been there once and it is a great place! I don't have any too fabulous name choices - I like the ones everyone else has posted more than mine. I like Marie's idea since Betty might be a little put out! Of course the name I picked out is completely self centered!! It is Heather. Heather are small purple flowers and my favorite for obvious reasons. Congrats on the new board!

    Simple In Second

  21. I love all your great ideas. Thank you for sharing it.

  22. Did you grow up in Hawaii?? I SO want to come on vacation and learn to surf! Nice new board! :)

    Your Newest Follower,
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