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Alright how many of you spent a little cash this weekend at the TpT Back To School Sale?? I had a few items in my cart and tried to stick to items that I really needed. There is just soo much out there and once I start looking I know I am in Big Trouble!!

 Anywhoo I am linking up to a fun party about what purchases I have made.

Blog Hoppin' is hosting a Sneak a Peek linky

The first item has been sitting in my cart for awhile.  I teach habitats next quarter and was looking for new ideas. Jen over at the Teacher's Cauldron has this cute little unit.


Of Course I also purchased her Beach Time Centers

They are so fun and match perfectly with my theme:) 

I also purchased these cute Message Book Labels from Lori over at

They are a great addition to my writing center. I already printed them out and the kids love writing in the message books.  What a great idea:) If you need some other great writing ideas check out her wonderful blog.
My next item was Back To School Mystery Messages from Cara Carroll.  I needed a fun activity to keep my little guys busy after they finish their morning work.  This is a great way to keep them engaged with math and writing.
 Back to School Mystery Messages
 Nicole over at Teaching With Style had some cute little What To Do When I am Finished posters.  It comes with lots of choices for posting what students can do when they complete their work.I already am using it in my class:)

From Rachelle over At What The Teacher Wants I purchased her Common Core Math and ELA Galore.  These are great checklists to help me keep track of the CCSS for what I have taught and need to teach or reteach.

Something else that I absolutely love is this cutesy binder I bought from Bridget at Lovely Little Leaders

I love all the pages for this!! It's just so cute and fun and now I am completely organized, lol!!

And of course this had been sitting in my cart for awhile and I just had to grab it:)

Cute, cute, cute.  I bought the  book  Surfer Chick after Swersty stopped by my blog to tell me she had created this great little unit.  I have already read the book to my students and now I just need to go through all these wonderful resources and choose some fun activities to go with it:)

I hope if you made some purchases it didn't set you back too much and that your kiddos are enjoying fun new items from teacher's across the country. I truly love that we are all helping each other out and learning and sharing new ideas in the process.  So what did you buy???


  1. I found some cute things, I love my new sight word stick games from Reagan Tunstall. The printer ink is what is killing me.....I see so many great ideas but the ink, card stock, and laminating sheets are gobbled up so fast, I have to pay for all of that and I am trying to be careful. How do you manage all that ??? On a lighter note, I got my magic wand (inspired by you) and LOVE it. Not sure if my family appreciates me dancing around like a fairy godmother......

    1. Oh I hear you on the ink, but I am picking and choosing exactly what I need to print. The Common Core Checklists and Mystery Messages I printed off on my school printer;) I love that wand!! I think I need another one for the opposite side of the classroom, lol!!

    2. I try and sneak in some color printing at school too but it is heavily guarded and commented on :). Happy weekend !!!!

  2. Looks like you bought some pretty fantastic items! Good for you. Thanks so much for the shout-out!

    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

    1. My pleasure Lori!! You are my go to gal for writing ideas!!

  3. aw, thanks girl!!
    I have been eyeing that binder too! Love me some organization...and I did the surfer chick for our 3 day week in the start of school - so cute! :)

    1. I need to find more time in the day!! I know my kids will love those activities:)


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