Daily 5 Chapter 5

This week we are moving on to Chapter 5 of the Daily 5 book study.
Our hosts for the week are.

Castles and Crayons

This chapter was all about Reading To Someone and Listening To Reading. These are two things that second graders love to do. I have always done partner reading and I know it is a valuable tool that my students really engage in.  However I have never had a Listening Center in my whole teaching career! Sad I know, but I have never had the funds for a listening center and no other 2nd grade teachers I worked with ever had one. It just seemed too young for my students. 

Well this book made me realize how important it was for my students to Listen to Reading. I will get back to this in a minute.
The main bulk of this chapter is about Reading To Someone.  The sisters really walk you through the steps of how to get this going.  I love their lessons, I-Chart ideas and stamina building.  It will take time, and that is where I get a bit nervous about implementing.  I feel like I need to jump into my curriculum and when will I have time for all of these lessons? 
Are you feeling the curriculum crunch?

After reading through and thinking about it, they are mini-lessons and I am sure I will find the time to implement  and still get in the schoolwide curriculum.

There are 6 planned out days that consist of:

EEKK, Voice, Check

I Read, You Read

How To Choose Books

Choosing Your Classroom Spot

How To Choose a Partner

Coaching or Time

These are all great lessons and I know every one is key to getting your kids to be able to Read To Someone without me having to intervene all the time.

In my class this year I always chose who they would read with.  When I let them choose it seemed like playtime.  I wandered around and sat with partners and listened to them read and coached them along the way, but if I wasn't right there, some of them were off task.

I really like how the book discussed comprehension checks between partners. I think this is so powerful in seeing if the students really know what they are reading.  I see this as taking lots of practice!

Another thing I really like is the choice students have about choosing a book.  I never thought to have them read two different books.


The next part of the chapter is Listen To Reading.  I know my kids love listening to me read. They look forward to it everyday!  So after I first read the Daily 5 I knew I needed to get a listening center going in my class.  I wrote up a Donor's Choose project and low and behold I was funded in less than two weeks!!

The kids loved it!  But I had a bit of a problem...The center can hook up lots of headphones, and lots of kids can listen, but the book sets that I got to go with it only had 1 book and 1 CD. So two people could comfortably share the one book, but I had to hunt down other copies for more kids. There was also some commotion over what book they ALL wanted to read first.

This year I want my kids to have more variety and choice, so I just wrote another project.  I am now asking for 4 individual CD players so that the kids can take the player and sit where they would like in the classroom.

Hopefully it will be funded soon.  I would love your ideas on getting more books and CDs for our listening library.  Are there any particular programs you use to record CDs? I haven't really played around or researched this yet, so your info would be greatly appreciated!

As the sisters state in the book Listening To Reading is not an area that needs a lot of stamina building, as kids really enjoy it.

I am really looking forward to next weeks chapter! I would love to see everyone's ideas on Writing and Word Work!

The hosts for next weeks Book Study are Jennifer from Best Practices 4 Teaching and Deb from Fabulously First.

Remember to Check out Mel D's posts and Nicole's as they are the Daily 5 gurus who started this book study!  Remember to link up below to your post on Chapter 5. Please leave a direct link to your Book Study post, not just your blog site. 


  1. If you have computers, Tumblebooks is great for listen to a book, lots of titles to choose from. I have collected various CDs and cassettes over the years for my listening centre. Robert Munsch is always a fav., Scholastic has lots of great deals. I found this great idea from Amy Lemons ( Step into Second Grade ) where I made tags for the kids for various jobs /roles during reading. It really helped to keep partners or small groups on task, you should check her post out. The kids loved it and took it very seriously :). I laminated the tags and put them on lanyards, very official and really cute !

  2. The post with the tags is under jobs......I just double checked, she has a lot on her site :)

    1. Thank you so much for the info! I will go check it out. I will also bookmark Tumblebooks on our computers:)

  3. Thanks so much for linking up, Corinna! :)
    I LOVE having the individual CD players! I hope your Donors Choose project gets funded soon!

    Kelli :)
    Castles and Crayons

  4. I love reading all about your experiences with the D5. Thank you for sharing your tips. I have the same issue with the books on tape - one book. I also have the issue of them being tapes and not CDs.
    Congrats on the Donors Choose funding. That is always SO exciting.

  5. I've nominated you for an award! Come by my blog to get it. :)


  6. Corinna, I just love Donors Choose!! Thanks to them, I got fantabulous book boxes for my kiddos :) Good luck with your next project...I need to get one started, too!

    Treasures for Teaching

  7. I like how you are always trying to make your classroom better! Truly and inspiration.

  8. I do feel the same curriculum crunch that you do! I have to keep reminding myself that the Daily Five will ultimately lead to better instruction and is worth the time upfront!

  9. Hi! I've awarded you with a blog award! Come on by to pick it up!!

    The Versatile Blog Award

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