Bucket Fillers

I'm sure many of you are heading back into your classrooms, buying those last minute goodies and getting the finishing touches done.  I have been busy all week and my students will be there waiting for me on Monday!

I plan to share my classroom with you then, but today I just wanted to share a cute product that I found and am using in class this year.

I know Bucket Filling is not a new concept and there is tons of stuff out there on Google and Pinterest. I was planning on just making a cute pocket chart board like this one from The First Grade Parade.

Cute simple and bright.  Well when I headed out to pick up supplies  I found these great little buckets from Creative Teaching Press.!! Perfect:)

The colors were great for my class and I also picked up some bright colored pockets to go on them.
But the design was so cute that I decided to switch it up a bit.  I laminated them and then cut a slit in the top.

I decided to use packing tape, much quicker than glue and less mess, to tape the pocket to the back.

How cute is that! I love it and with my non-existant wall space I decided to place these on one of my closet doors.

I wish I would have taken a picture before I placed on their nametags, but you get the idea.  I have a bucket to place nearby that I plan to fill with bucket filler notes, that I snagged from another site. I also mounted them up with velcro so they could take down their bucket on Fridays to get at their notes much easier.

I have had some technical difficulties in class due to the fact I CANNOT find my Bulletin Board letters anywhere!!! I searched high and low and just don't know how they can't be found??? So this weekend I am off the buy new letters to finish up the headings on my bulletin boards.  The studetns will just have to come into a plain classroom for a little while.

Enjoy your weekend and check for my classroom reveal on Monday:)


  1. That is perfect for my bucket filling display! I was trying to figure out how to set that up this year. :) I love those buckets from CD!! Thanks so much for sharing. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. I loved finding these and am always happy to share fun ideas:)

  2. I love the buckets and the colors:) I may have to buy those!
    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers
    I’m having a giveaway! Come on over!!!

  3. I like this idea a lot, I have the bucket filler book but have not started using it in class. Your display is so bright and colourful. I love the peek outside your door of tropical greenery and sunshine ! It is our final day of camping and it is raining :(. Still, we have had a great 2 weeks , today is a chance to relax and read ( and a little blog stalking with free WiFi). Good luck on Monday, your kids will love all the great new displays and ideas, even without letters !!

    1. Thank you Diane:) Camping sounds so nice, enjoy it!

  4. I love this idea! What do you fill the buckets with? Just sweet notes from peers? I really like that it doesn't take up a ton of space, but it's very useful! Great thinking! :) Excited to see your classroom reveal!

    Miss A's Kindergarten

    1. Yes, they write something nice to make someone feel special:)

  5. What a great find!! I love your classroom theme!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  6. Those are very sweet. You scored big time :)
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  7. Oh My Goodness! We must be thinking alike. I just got my classroom visa and ordered those same buckets from Creative Press. I was thinking of doing the same things with slitting a line on top of the buckets but I didn't think about putting an envelope behind it. Thanks for the idea. I will be working on those next week when they come in. What blog did you go to get your Bucket Filler paper? Would love to know. I am a new follower and a 2nd grade teacher. Come over to my small blog. I don't have much yet but I am getting there.
    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis


    1. Thanks Tammy! Check out this site for some great Bucket Filler items:)

      Mrs. Walkers Bucket Filler

  8. Super cute idea! We had the Bucket Fillers at our school a few years ago and I do bucket filling in my 2nd grade classroom. I'm starting a new hawaiian/tropical theme this year and am going to do this! Did you make the surfboard cutouts? I am purchasing a few of your other TPT items and will continue to follow your blog, THANKS!

    1. Mahalo Jill!! I did make the surfboards, but I used clipart from KPM Doodles to help:)

  9. I love your buckets. I used pockets last year but this is much cuter. Also, I modified the bucket fillers last year. My class had trouble with money so once they get used to the notes I switch to plastic pennies. They get pennies when they are caught doing something kind, responsible, etc. then they trade in pennies for nickels, etc. until they get 25cents. They get to pick a prize after they reach the goal. Later we make the prize a cost a little more. They really liked using the coins.


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