Using Classtag For Parent Communication

Aloha Friends! I hope your holidays have been fabulous and restful.  We all need to recoup and prepare for the year ahead.

Something I strive to work on each year is my classroom organization.  I recently was told about a new app to help with parent communication called ClassTag.

There are other apps out there that I have tried and they all seem to have faded from my use. Most were great for a particular purpose such as messaging or posting photos.  However, I'm really excited about using ClassTag and all the features it has to offer.
This app has everything you need to keep parents in the loop and even has a few extras to make it even more fun to use.

The layout is very intuitive.

Start out by simply adding in all your class information. The app will send out invites for parents to sign up and communicate all through the app.  You can then send out weekly newsletters, events, volunteer requests, conferences and even upload photos to share with families.

The app also gives you incentives to use it.  You are rewarded with coins to receive gifts for your classroom. Who doesn't love free stuff for your classroom?

On top of all that it even gives you weekly stats on which parents are using the app and who has received the information.  It will let you know if you have hard to reach parents and give you alternative methods for communicating with them such as sending home a paper copy of your newsletter.

It even sends your parents a weekly summary.

Apparently the app was created by former teachers and they seem to have dialed in everything you need to up your parent communication.

I think it's an awesome way to organize and have everything in one place. Head over to ClassTag right now and sign up.  I would greatly appreciate you using my link so I can earn coins for my class as well.

Hopefully this app can help you start the year off with one more tool for your classroom.

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