Pineapple Planning

Aloha my sweet friends! I hope you summer is progressing well and that you are relaxed and enjoying some much needed down time!

I have been out of school for 3 weeks now and I have been mixing it up a bit.  Last week I had a three day class that I really enjoyed and then spent some time going to the movies, getting my toes done and hanging out with sweet friends.  I even got in a bit of surfing!

Did you know that June 17th is International Surf Day!?  Well I had to get out there and partake in the festivities. 

Along with all of these other activities I have been doing some work.  I promised that I would get the Pineapple Planner done and I finally finished!

It took me so long to make this planner because I had so many ideas.
I ended up including 24 different cover choices!

With all of these choices you can create exactly what you want.  Just change the text on any of these examples.  I also included ink friendly organizational and planner pages.

Unless I develop another idea I like better I am pretty sure this is going to be my planner this year.  Now I have to decide which cover I want!

If you are a pineapple lover this is for you!  It's available in my TpT shop.

Mahalo for stopping by.  I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am!

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