Light Frame Giveaway

Aloha Friends!! I hope the end of the year activities have your students engaged and happy. Or not!

Well your students might not be fully engaged, but the end of the year chaos is a promise of the quiet summer months ahead. My students are in full chaos mode right now! They are writing animal reports and have tons of school wide activities and celebrations that are keeping their enthusiasm high.

I recently received a cool new toy for my classroom from Green Light Innovations.  This fun Light Frame can be used in so many ways in your classroom or around the school.

You can use the neon markers that come with it to create your own design and the lighting options are really fun too.

I posted this in the classroom on Friday and the kids were mesmerized by it, lol.  It definitely got their attention and they read every word that was on the board.  It is super easy to clean too.  I created a board for my kids who met their math facts goal.  I'm sure they will love it when they see it tomorrow.

Green Light Innovations is giving away 20 of these Light Frames to teachers!  Just check out their link to enter and submit a picture of your classroom.  It's that easy!

Click Here---> Light Frame Giveaway

You could end up starting the new year with a great way to grab your student's attention.

Good Luck!!

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