Woven Easter Baskets

Aloha friends!! I hope you are having an awesome week getting ready for Spring and Easter!

This week we only have 4 days of school.  Friday is a holiday here  (Good Friday) so we are finishing up our Easter goodies this week.

I posted a picture of our Easter Baskets we were making on Instagram and I had a lot of requests on how to make them.

It's pretty easy, it just takes time and patience!

The materials you will need are:

-Yarn-About 4 skeins for a class of 20
-Easter Basket Template
-Tagboard or Stiff Paper

Here is a quick video to show you how to make them, along with a picture tutorial.

Click on Template to Download in Google Docs

Weave Over and Under
Leave about 1/2 an inch at the top

Glue on a ribbon border and handle

Fill with Easter Goodies!

My class loved making these and are going to be so happy to see them filled with goodies when they come in tomorrow!!

Have fun making these and let me know how they come out!!

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