May Day 2016

Aloha my fabulous friends!! This has been one crazy but memorable week!!  If you have followed my blog for awhile you know that May Day is a big deal at my school.  Every classroom works tirelessly to put on an amazing show.  This year was a bit different since my youngest daughter is in the 6th grade.  She would be part of the Royal Court and it would be the last time seeing her perform.
The 6th grade court puts on quite a show and they have a King and Queen who preside over the whole performance.  Well this year my sweetie was chosen (name pulled out of hat, lol) to be the May Day Queen!!!  She was thrilled! I remember her telling me in Kindergarten that she wanted to be the Queen someday!

So for the past month we have been working on getting her dress just right, ordering her leis and leis for the king.  We also made 9 leis out of crown flowers which took quite awhile.  810 crown flower buds to be exact!! But can I just say I loved every minute of it! (Even though Friday afternoon I had to go to the doctor due to an infection in my finger from the flower sap!)

I won't bore you with all the details, let's just get right to the pics of this wonderful day.

This is the stage, which is our kickball field. Parents and staff make this look amazing!!
 The conch shell blowers announce the arrival of the Royal Court.

 Each island has a prince and princess.  Finally the King and Queen arrive.

 They take the stage and the parents come up and present them both with crowns and leis.
Once that is finished the performances begin.
Our staff started off the performances with a hula and then a fun little
number to Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk.

 Preschool did a cute song about Eddie Aukai and the Hokulea.
 Third Grade did a sweet Hawaiian Hula.
 Kindergarten did a Blues Brothers medley of fun songs.
 Fifth Grade did a medley of songs from the 70's to the present.
 First grade did an amazing hula celebrating the Samoan culture.

 The Sixth grade boys come out with the King and do their own hula.

 Finally the king escorts the queen out onto the field to perform her hula.

Luckily I had a front row center seat!
They performed two beautiful hulas, but I was so distracted I forgot to film
the first one!! Luckily I woke up to film the second.

So proud of this beautiful girl and her performance.  I just loved it!!!
 My mother even flew out from Phoenix to see her perform!!

I couldn't have asked for a more spectacular day with family, friends, coworkers and an amazing community.  I feel so blessed and lucky to live and work in such a magical and unique setting.
Mahalo for sharing in my excitement!!!

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