Ready For A New Year

Aloha friends!  I am a little late in sharing my classroom for this year.  We started school on July 29th and I have to tell you I WAS NOT READY!

I seriously had so much to do and I didn't get any of it done.  Instead of stressing about it and not having the perfect room I took Elsa's advice and Let It Go!

Honestly the only person who noticed was me!  Well two weeks later I have slowly been getting into the groove and I finally took some pictures to share.  There's actually not much of a difference from last year, except I don't have my surf theme.  This year we are the Sunset Super Heroes.

New Job Chart

New Reward Tags-Click on the Picture above to Grab this Freebie!
The chains are from Amazon.---->Click Here

Math Focus Wall

I had my students create their own Super Hero.  We are writing stories and I will hang them up soon.

My library is still the same.

I love my new Sit Spots too!!

My seat sacks turned out great and they add such a nice pop of color!

I ordered these containers from Really Good Stuff.

My writing area is still the same.  I just need to get all my buckets labeled.

I finally got an easel!! No one would deliver to Hawaii.  I finally found a company and had to talk with a customer service rep who had to do some finagling in order to get this to me!

I made some new schedule cards.

And a new alphabet chart.

I changed up the tags on their cubby baskets too.

My new clip chart and I still haven't put name tags on my buckets!

My iPad center is working well and I bought a fancy little gadget to plug them all in!

I still have my desk, but am seriously thinking of getting rid of it next year!

One last look from the side of my desk and that's it!
I love my classroom.  It's open, bright, organized and ready for another
year of learning.   It may be missing a few little things, 
but I'll get to them eventually.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and that your classroom
is ready to roll as well!!  
Wishing everyone the best 2015-16 school year!


  1. Hi Corinna! I love how colorful your room turned out! It looks so bright and inviting :) Do you have your Superhero Reward tag in your shop? I'd love to get a copy to give to my students as their first reward tag of the year! I love using tags- the kids go crazy for them and they are such a simple token!


    1. Mahalo Stephanie! I added it in as a freebie. Just click on the picture of the tags!

  2. Hi! I am going to start brag tags this year. Thank you for the freebie! Where did you get the "necklaces" to put them on?

  3. What a great classroom- colorful and inviting :) you did a fantastic job on it!

  4. I love all the bright colors and open space. Well done! I think I have mentioned this before on another comment in another post, but I am just fascinated that you have fans in your classroom. I wish I had ceiling fans so bad! Living in the south, it can get really hot and sometimes you just need a little extra air flowing:))!!!

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  5. Always so colourful, breezy and fresh ! Have a wonderful year 💞


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