Personalized Lesson Planners

Aloha everyone!  The end of summer is approaching and many of us are back in school.  I know that many of you don't start until after Labor Day!  (Jealous!)

Recently I have been getting many questions and emails on my Personalized Lesson planners.  Most people want to know how to set it up, how to print it and where to get it bound.  I decided to put together a post today so that all that information is on one place.

All of my planners are editable in Powerpoint.  Here is a video explaining how to open your file and set it up how you want.

After I get my planner together.  I print it out on my home printer.  I have this HP PhotoSmart 6515 printer that I bought from Costco for about $80.

It has a feature that allows me to print double sided copies.

When I select print this is what I see.  I check Two-Sided.  The preview shows me that the page is not to scale.  So I select Paper Size-US Letter.

I click on US Letter Borderless.  This will scale it to fit the paper with no white lines around it.

Now the preview shows me that the entire page will be printed without the white border around it.

The paper I used is a heavier weight paper than just regular Xerox paper.  It is a 24lb inkjet paper.

I got a ream for pretty cheap at Costco and I have also ordered it on

I print the whole thing and then I take the cover and the back and laminate them both.  I use my home laminator and trim the excess off.

 I take it to Office Max and have it spiral bound.  It costs $3.

I love my new planner and have gotten tons of compliments on it from my co-workers.
I have lots of designs to choose from in my TpT shop.

Hopefully this post will help you with all of your planner needs.  Now you're set to create your personal planner to get you ready for a fantastic new year.


Ready For A New Year

Aloha friends!  I am a little late in sharing my classroom for this year.  We started school on July 29th and I have to tell you I WAS NOT READY!

I seriously had so much to do and I didn't get any of it done.  Instead of stressing about it and not having the perfect room I took Elsa's advice and Let It Go!

Honestly the only person who noticed was me!  Well two weeks later I have slowly been getting into the groove and I finally took some pictures to share.  There's actually not much of a difference from last year, except I don't have my surf theme.  This year we are the Sunset Super Heroes.

New Job Chart

New Reward Tags-Click on the Picture above to Grab this Freebie!
The chains are from Amazon.---->Click Here

Math Focus Wall

I had my students create their own Super Hero.  We are writing stories and I will hang them up soon.

My library is still the same.

I love my new Sit Spots too!!

My seat sacks turned out great and they add such a nice pop of color!

I ordered these containers from Really Good Stuff.

My writing area is still the same.  I just need to get all my buckets labeled.

I finally got an easel!! No one would deliver to Hawaii.  I finally found a company and had to talk with a customer service rep who had to do some finagling in order to get this to me!

I made some new schedule cards.

And a new alphabet chart.

I changed up the tags on their cubby baskets too.

My new clip chart and I still haven't put name tags on my buckets!

My iPad center is working well and I bought a fancy little gadget to plug them all in!

I still have my desk, but am seriously thinking of getting rid of it next year!

One last look from the side of my desk and that's it!
I love my classroom.  It's open, bright, organized and ready for another
year of learning.   It may be missing a few little things, 
but I'll get to them eventually.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and that your classroom
is ready to roll as well!!  
Wishing everyone the best 2015-16 school year!

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