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Aloha friends! I hope you are having a relaxing summer vacation.  I have been enjoying my couch a lot more and catching up on a bit of reading.

I wanted to share a cool new resource that is available for your classroom.  

Bright World eBooks are non-fiction interactive books for kids.
I was fortunate to try their first ebook called Ocean Forests.

Basically this is an animated ebook all about Kelp Forests.  The graphics are amazing and the background music and sound of the ocean is awesome.  

The story is well written and is uses rich and authentic vocabulary.  There is a dictionary built right in to help students understand new vocabulary.  I learned so much about kelp forests!

Students can listen to the story, read it by themselves and even record themselves reading it.  I'm sure students would love to read it again and listen to their own voices.  Such a great way to practice fluency.

Students can also explore the kelp forest in the Explore section.  They can manipulate the screen by touching it and it will move around within the forest.  They can also touch the animals and it will tell them facts about each one.

The last section has some games for students to play.  Both are fun ways to learn more facts about kelp forest.

I am really excited to use this in class this year, I know my kids will love this story and it's a great ebook to add to our science section.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the next story will be.
The price of the app is cheaper than a regular paperback and it is much more interactive.

The app is available on iTunes.  You can click here to check it out ---> Ocean Forests

You can also learn more about Bright World eBooks on their website.  It's definitely worth checking out!

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