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Aloha friends!  Welcome to May!!  It's that time of year again and we are in the last legs of another busy school year.  Our school has been testing and with the new SBAC test here in Hawaii, it has taken tons of time.  Luckily 2nd grade is not a testing year for us!!

Last week I had posted about the paper flowers that I was going to attempt to make with my class.

This is my version.  I cut 3x12 strips for the stems and the flowers to make it easier on little hands.

All of my kids did fine with rolling each of the flowers up.  Once they did that I showed them how to glue the flower in a spiral onto the stem.  I started it for many of them and they were able to do the rest on their own.

Then we made our tissue paper decoupage vases. To make  it easier I chose 4 colors and cut squares of different shades for each one.

I was worried the blues were going to be a mess because some of the paper I had was bleeding tissue, but they all turned out great!

I am going to have the students add a coat of shiny varnish to finish them off this week.
Ceramcoat Interior Varnish, 8 oz Gloss

Those of you who were on the fence about making the flowers should just jump right in and try it.  The kids were really excited about how they turned out.  They were actually wanting to use them as magic wands!  Here is the original post with the tutorial---> Swirly Paper Flowers

Mahalo for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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