End Of The Year Countdown

Aloha busy teachers everywhere! (unless you are done already)  The end of the year countdown has begun for many of us.  My last day of school is June 3rd.  Between now and then I have plenty of things to do.

This week I am doing final assessments.  For Wonders I am using the Benchmark Assessment 2 to assess all students.  I just chose two tests and plan to give them separately over two days.

There are other components, but I just wanted a simple comprehension test to use.

For writing I have the students use a prompt that they had at the beginning of the year.

My Best Day Ever

It's always fun to have students write and then compare it to what they wrote at the beginning of the year.  Parents love it too!

We use the Go Math program so I am giving the End Of The Year test as well.

I pretty much know all of my students grades, but it's nice to have that evidence to show how far they have come over the year.

For our final day next Tuesday I am planning our class auction and a Luau! Check out this post from last year to see what we will be doing---> End Of Year Luau

The last day of school is on a Wednesday and it's just a half day.  We will be cleaning and packing up the room.  This year I will be handing out report cards along with a Summer Review booklet.

I created this little booklet with 20 days worth of math and language review skills.  In order to get the kids to return them to me in the fall, I am offering a little incentive.  Most likely it will be a fun pencil, stickers and a lollipop.  I won't tell them exactly what it is, just that there will be a prize for finishing.  We all love surprises right?

My fabulous parent volunteer copied them all off for me and put each of the booklets together.  You don't have to put them in a booklet, but it makes it easier to carry around for little hands and less likely it will fall apart.  Here is a video of how to do it.  If you have ever used A-Z Readers then it should be a breeze.

Do you send anything home over the summer?  I know some schools have school wide programs. Our school also has a summer reading program.  Just like the local library there are incentives and rewards for reading all summer.

Speaking of reading all summer Scholastic has a great program as well.

Click on the picture above to see all of the amazing resources that are available, including book lists, games and lots of incentives!

So what is your final countdown and how much "teacher stuff" do you have to do before you are officially on vacation?


Super Hero Cash

Aloha friends!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  It has been a gorgeous day here and I have spent all morning working in my overgrown jungle of a yard!!

The countdown has begun to the last few weeks of school
and I am at 18 more days!!!

These last few weeks are some of the craziest and busiest! Our class is getting ready for May Day which is on the 22nd.  After that I need to do final assessments and then I am planning an end of the year Luau for my class.

In the craziness of the end of the year my class is keeping on track with the help of our Beach Bucks.

My kids are earning money daily, but some of them are paying fines for excessive talking or unfinished work.  This Friday we had $200 in the Raffle Bucket!!  My lucky winner was so excited to win all that money!

If you would like to learn more about how I use Beach Bucks click {HERE}.

I recently received a request from a teacher to edit my Beach Bucks using a Super Hero theme for her classroom use.  I had a bit of time this week and I came up with this set!!  I love it!

It really makes me want to change my classroom for next year!!  I'm not sure how much I will be reading in my hammock with all the ideas brewing in my head!!  

If you would like to learn more you can check it out in my TpT shop.

How is the end of the year unfolding for you and how many days do you have left?


Teacher Appreciation Week!!

Aloha friends!!  Have you thanked or hugged a teacher this week :)

Many of you are so deserving of much more!  Teacher Appreciation week is here and there are lots of events  happening to show how much teachers are appreciated.

TpT is having a huge sitewide sale!!  Head on over and stock up especially on my bundles which are at a huge discount!!

The Primary Chalkboard is also having giveaways all week!!!  Check in each day to enter to win.

The Applicious Teacher is also having a week of giveaways!  
Hop on over to her blog each day to enter!

I hope you have a fabulous week!!!


Mother's Day Gifts

Aloha friends!  Welcome to May!!  It's that time of year again and we are in the last legs of another busy school year.  Our school has been testing and with the new SBAC test here in Hawaii, it has taken tons of time.  Luckily 2nd grade is not a testing year for us!!

Last week I had posted about the paper flowers that I was going to attempt to make with my class.

This is my version.  I cut 3x12 strips for the stems and the flowers to make it easier on little hands.

All of my kids did fine with rolling each of the flowers up.  Once they did that I showed them how to glue the flower in a spiral onto the stem.  I started it for many of them and they were able to do the rest on their own.

Then we made our tissue paper decoupage vases. To make  it easier I chose 4 colors and cut squares of different shades for each one.

I was worried the blues were going to be a mess because some of the paper I had was bleeding tissue, but they all turned out great!

I am going to have the students add a coat of shiny varnish to finish them off this week.
Ceramcoat Interior Varnish, 8 oz Gloss

Those of you who were on the fence about making the flowers should just jump right in and try it.  The kids were really excited about how they turned out.  They were actually wanting to use them as magic wands!  Here is the original post with the tutorial---> Swirly Paper Flowers

Mahalo for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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