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Aloha friends and happy Sunday!  I have been working like a mad woman trying to get so many projects finished.

As many of you know Hawaii adopted the Reading Wonders curriculum this year and it has kept us all pretty busy.  On top of that I enrolled in an online Wonders class.  We were required to go through the online course along with implementing and recording 5 different lessons.

I thought the due date was December, but when I checked last week is was November 3rd!! Gulp!  I called everyone I knew that was taking the course and they all thought the same thing!

We all contacted the instructor and luckily she extended the date to November 12th. Phew!!
So I spent all day yesterday putting together my portfolio for the class.

I am so glad to be finished!! It actually was  a really good way to familiarize myself with all of the components of the series. My focus was on written response and finding text evidence.  I plan to share more in my next post.

Another project that I have been working on, is creating a morning work pack with all of the skills that we have been learning with the Wonders program.  I actually have adapted my teams morning works since the beginning of the year.

I included the morning language and grammar work along with one of my daily word problems.  It has been a great way to cover all of these skills.   My kids are able to complete these in 15 minutes or less each morning.  I usually sit with my lower group and help them as needed.

I thought other teachers might be wanting a morning work pack aligned to the Wonders series, so I created this.

It covers the grammar and language skills for each week.  You can check it out in my TpT shop and download the preview for the first week free.

I plan to make them for each unit, but I'm a little behind!  Now that my course is over I should be able to get Unit 2 and 3 completed in the next few weeks.

I am off to do my regular chores now!!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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