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Aloha everyone!  I am stuck inside today due to Hurricane Ana.  It is south of Oahu today so we are getting tons of rain, but luckily that's it!  Very thankful for not having to evacuate!!

On this rainy day I have an excuse to play on the computer all day, right?

This week I will be busy with Parent Teacher conferences.  I only have 21 students over the course of 6 days, so it shouldn't be too stressful.  I have such a great class I am looking forward to meeting with parents and telling them how great their kids are!

As I was perusing through all of my social media sites I realized that I have almost 10,000 fans on my Facebook page!!! That is absolutely amazing to me!!  So I have decided to have a giveaway.

If you are a Facebook Fan you can win all of these resources!!  Just head over to my Facebook Fan page and enter.

If you are not a Facebook Fan simply "like" my page and you will also be able to access my monthly fan freebies.

This month my Batty Contractions is free.  

Click {Here} to grab this freebie.

It's also planning Sunday and I am on Unit 2 Week 3 of Wonders.  I love how the Essential Question fits right into our Science theme of Animal Habitats.  We started our Nocturnal Animal Unit and the kids are loving it!  This week we are learning about Desert Habitats and all of the nocturnal creatures you would find there. I will post pictures soon!

If you are in need of resources for this month, I will have all of my October items 15% off for the rest of the month in my TpT store. ----------->October Items 

Happy Sunday and let's hope this rainy day is a productive one!!

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  1. Thanks for the contraction freebie! :) So cute! My brother and his family live in Oahu. I'm sure you're getting a lot of rain but will be alright. Growing up in Florida and the east coast you get used to hurricanes, unless it's a category 3 I don't really worry. We are always prepared though with a generator and water. Hope the bad weather passes soon! I have conference week the first week of November. Good luck with yours!


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