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Aloha everyone!  I am stuck inside today due to Hurricane Ana.  It is south of Oahu today so we are getting tons of rain, but luckily that's it!  Very thankful for not having to evacuate!!

On this rainy day I have an excuse to play on the computer all day, right?

This week I will be busy with Parent Teacher conferences.  I only have 21 students over the course of 6 days, so it shouldn't be too stressful.  I have such a great class I am looking forward to meeting with parents and telling them how great their kids are!

As I was perusing through all of my social media sites I realized that I have almost 10,000 fans on my Facebook page!!! That is absolutely amazing to me!!  So I have decided to have a giveaway.

If you are a Facebook Fan you can win all of these resources!!  Just head over to my Facebook Fan page and enter.

If you are not a Facebook Fan simply "like" my page and you will also be able to access my monthly fan freebies.

This month my Batty Contractions is free.  

Click {Here} to grab this freebie.

It's also planning Sunday and I am on Unit 2 Week 3 of Wonders.  I love how the Essential Question fits right into our Science theme of Animal Habitats.  We started our Nocturnal Animal Unit and the kids are loving it!  This week we are learning about Desert Habitats and all of the nocturnal creatures you would find there. I will post pictures soon!

If you are in need of resources for this month, I will have all of my October items 15% off for the rest of the month in my TpT store. ----------->October Items 

Happy Sunday and let's hope this rainy day is a productive one!!


Easy Literacy Center Crafts

Aloha friends!  I have been enjoying the last day of my Fall break and now I am prepping for the next few weeks of school.

This is a busy month with lots of fun happening.  We will be starting out Nocturnal animal unit this week.  I am doing many of the same activities as I did last year. {Click Here For My Post}{Here Is Another}

I am also prepping for Halloween.   We will be making these cute Ghost Riddles together. This template is available in TpT store and comes with other activities.

I am adding some fun crafts to our Word Work and Writing centers for the last few weeks of October.   These simple paper crafts are much more fun than worksheets and your kids will love making them.  I just sketched them out and used construction paper and google eyes.

We will be working on contractions so this Contraction Spider will be perfect.

Another skill that we will be covering are prefixes and suffixes.  These ghosts are a fun way to get kids to write and create. You could brainstorm some ideas together before they create their own.

How about using Frankie to write synonyms?

You can make some fun shape poems using any kind of Halloween or holiday shape.

Have you been to Target lately?  They have some pretty amazing goodies in the Dollar section!!

I am going to use those little stickers for rebus stories and the pumpkins are perfect for the shape poems.

Those post-its are great for some fun bookmarks and can be used by my students to write bucket-fillers.  I seriously had to put many of the items that I originally found back, I was WAY over budget!!

I love Halloween and I know my kiddos are going to be so excited for these activities.  To top it all off ...


Mosaic Pumpkins

Aloha friends! Just a quick post today to share a fun idea for the month of October.

I have shared this before and a few people asked me questions about it.  So I am linking up with the Primary Chalkboard for their monthly Chalk Talk Vlog Hop.  Check it our for great ideas and tips for the month.

I created a quick video tutorial on how to make these fun pumpkins.

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