Five For Friday-Graduation Edition

Aloha Friday!! My favorite day of the week!!

Mahalo to Graphics From The Pond for this cute graphic :)

Well it was our last week of school and it was a whirlwind of craziness.  What made this year different was that my oldest daughter graduated from the 6th grade.

She has been with me at school since she started in preschool at 3 years old.  If you have followed my blog you know that this girl is her own person and marches to the beat of her own drum.  If you met her she wouldn't say much, but if you had any sort animal or story about how you helped an animal she would become your best friend:)

Her 6th grade teachers really go all out and they had a dance along with their graduation ceremony this week.

This girl lives in t-shirts and shorts and wanted to wear jeans to the dance.  Since her teachers told her she had to dress up she settled for a skirt. I thought she looked perfect.

She was front row and right center at the ceremony which was perfect for me.  You have to understand this girl wants no attention at all!!  All the girls in her class gave tear filled speeches of how much they would miss the school.  Her teachers were great and had her read a story that she had written in class.

I think everyone was thrilled that she was a comic relief after all the tears.

Her teachers and principals presenting their leis and certificates.

Leis are then given from family and friends.

Pictures with the principal

Her fun and wonderful teacher

The fun starts when all the kids give each other leis of candy, flowers and any other goodies that can be worn around your neck!

The graduation was over  at 10:00 and I still had my kids in my class to pass out goodies to!  At noon I said goodbye to my class, cleaned up a bit and quickly headed to the beach for a 6th grade party put on by the parents.  It was a gorgeous day and I may or may not have napped most of the afternoon.

We left around sunset just as a bit of rain was sneaking over the mountains.

We arrived home at around 8 pm after a long, but fun filled day.  My girls were exhausted and went to bed on their own!

After a long and busy week it was nice to be home and just kick back and relax.

So happy to be on summer break for 2 months!!  How was your week?  Go link up!


  1. What a beautiful girl! You must be one proud mama!

  2. I am so very jealous of your wonderful Hawaiian lifestyle - it looks so blissful there!

  3. Oh your pictures are just gorgeous! Love the scenery!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  4. I loved reading about these traditions. I'm fascinated with leis....tell me....were many of these real flowers? How long do they last? What do you do with them when you get back to your home? They are so beautiful!

    1. Patty the ones that families bring are often real flowers. They are made from orchids, plumeria and puakenekene blossoms. There are also kukui nut leis that are dried nuts from a kukui tree that have been painted and placed on a string. There are also candy leis which I wrote a post about a few weeks ago. Once you get them home you can hang them around your home. I always put one in my car. They last just a few days if that. When you come to Hawaii I will bring you a lei :)

  5. Corinna,
    Your daughter looked stunningly gorgeous! She is so lovely! I'm sure you are so proud of her! Blessings and rest to you now that school is out! I've been done with my 1st graders for a full week now and can honestly say I'm feeling quite relaxed! Perhaps sleeping in and not rushing out the door helps???? Enjoy your beautiful summer in Hawaii? Do you even ask people that live in Hawaii if they have vacation plans??? ha!

  6. Your daughter is beautiful! Enjoy your summer!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  7. What a fun way to celebrate graduating from 6 grade! That looked like a blast. My son was promoted to high school (that is what they call it here). Just finished his 8th grade year. Can't believe it has gone that fast but I am enjoying every minute of it. Thanks for posting about your celebration.

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis


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