Five For Friday

Aloha Friday!! My favorite day of the week!  Thought I would write a quick post and share some fun activities from the week.

Our cute Thankful Turkeys bulletin board.

The art teacher came in and did a lesson on Gyutaku.  It is Japanese fish painting and they literally painted a fish and put their paper on top to print.  It was a bit gross for me, along with the smell, but the kids loved it!  

These are a few of our Turkeys In Disguise that came back.  I thought they were all so fun and they were so eager to share and read about their disguises.

We have been receiving postcards from classrooms all across the country.  So far I think we have 35 postcards.  Each time we receive a card I read it and then we color in our map.  I have been displaying all the postcards on our window ledges around the room so the kids can read them anytime.

It was a gorgeous afternoon and my daughters and I hit the beach.  I had planned to surf, but it was a bit too windy and it was pretty flat.  My favorite surf spot has been taken over by the Triple Crown of Surfing.  The Hawaiian Reef Pro is the first competition and the beach was all set up with tents, bleachers, and the stage for all the happenings.  We decided to take advantage and have some fun.
It was a perfect way to end the week.

Hope you had a great Friday and have an even better weekend!


  1. Love the disguised turkeys and wow on the fish painting - just wow. I sound like Junie B Jones...LOL
    hugs and aloha my friend,
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  2. I love the turkeys! I'm totally with you on the fish painting, a bit yucky, but I can just imagine how much your kiddos loved the experience!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Primarily Speaking


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