Surf's Up! Behavior Clip Chart Makeover

Aloha friends!  I am keeping quite busy these days enjoying my sister's visit, keeping up with an online class and revising some of my TpT products.

One of my favorite items that I created and use in my class is my Surf Themed Behavior Clip Chart.  When I made it I really had no idea how much my kids would love it and how popular it would be with other teachers!

My kids absolutely loved getting up to Cowabunga!  I had one little guy write in his memory book that surfing up to Cowabunga was one of his best memories.

I have added a few things to this chart to make it a well rounded system in my classroom this year.

 Calendars to keep in touch with parents

Notes to fill out in case someone Surf's down...
Coupons to give students if they Surf Up to Cowabunga.

Clip labels that you print students names on.  I wanted to make them colorful, but the chart was already so colorful that I just kept them white.  Simply place the file in a powerpoint program, type in students names and print them out.  You can glue them right onto your clothespins.

If you have already purchased this item then just re-download it and grab all of these new goodies.

If you would like to win a copy  leave me a comment with your email and I will pick a winner tomorrow night.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. What a cute idea. I love the lingo and I think my kids would get a kick out of it. I bought your chevron paper and have started using that to create my labels. This would match so well, Just need to see how often I actually get to teach my class!

  2. I already love the clip chart system and you have just made it that much cuter!!! Adorable!!

  3. Love all things tropical and surfin'

  4. Love your tropical theme!

  5. I love this. Gives students the opportunity to get rewarded for their good behavior. Love the calendars!!

  6. I am changing my theme next year and this would be perfect. I love that you are working on positive behavior. The calendars are a bonus!

  7. This is just so cute!! What a fun theme and something I am sure the kids will love! I also love the calendars and the! :)

  8. Looks really cute!
    Teaching in the Valley

  9. Love the surf theme and the lingo! The kids will love it!

  10. i was planning on implementing this next year! I love this theme!

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  12. This would go great in my classroom! I love it!

  13. I really like your clip down choices! I don't always like to call a kid's parents, but sometimes they need more than one warning! I would love to win one!


  15. What a cute idea! I love the extras you have added with the clip chart.



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