Scholastic Warehouse Sale

Aloha friends!  This weekend was really nice for me.  On Saturday I was up at 5:00 am and in the water to surf by 6:00.  One of the perks to having that internal alarm I guess.  The rest of the day was spent doing another of my favorite  

About a month ago I got an email from Scholastic about their Warehouse sale.  I have never been before so I went online to register.  Here is the link-Scholastic Warehouse Sale. I believe it only happens a few times a year.  Our warehouse has the sale during the whole month of May.

If you have never been before I highly recommend it!! I got there fairly early and it was not crowded at all!  The person at the front was super friendly and told me where everything was located.  All books in the warehouse were 50-80% off!  

There were some specially marked items that were only 25%, but that didn't bother me.  I was like a kid in a candy store. I had given myself a limit and tried to stick to it, but I just kept adding books into my bag.

In the end I did just fine!  My total came to $57!  I thought it would be a lot more than that, plus I had the $10 coupon.  Final total $48.  Not too bad for a bargain hunter like me!  

I was happy to find I Wanna New Room, which if perfect for my Opinion Writing unit!  I also loved the Design Art for those early finishers during Math time.  They are great for patterning.

I have tons of Non-Fiction in my classroom library already, but I couldn't resist picking these up too.

During the Teacher Appreciation sale I bought Ladybug's Teacher Files classroom library labeling kit. I have her schedule cards and these match perfectly!

I plan to reorganize and get all of my bins and books labeled this summer.  

I also spent some time shopping for a new May Day dress.  I hit up Goodwill, but I couldn't find a pretty Muumuu (Hawaiian dress) that didn't make me look like a tutu (grandma).  So I ended up at Ross.

I found tons of dresses, but only two that had more of a tropical feel to them.  I couldn't decide which one to get, so I quickly posted on Instagram!

I immediately got great feedback, lol!!  Thank you everyone!  It was unanimous for the orange.

I also picked up some cute shoes to go with it and a flower for my hair.  I  am all set!

That wasn't the end of it though.  I had to make one more purchase.  I needed a new bikini for the summer.  If you are like me you know it's tough to find something that suits your body and style.  I am a sporty type and I need all my stuff to stay in place while I am swimming and surfing!

I found two separate pieces and I love them!  Now I just need to get more of a workout routine to look good in this all summer:)  

It was really nice to get my shop on and find everything I needed.  I don't think I will be heading out again for sometime.  

Have you hit up the Scholastic Warehouse sale yet?  I'd love to hear all about your latest purchases.


  1. I'm going to my first warehouse sale on Saturday!! Super excited! I hope I find as many great things as you did!
    Teaching in the Valley

  2. Sounds like the perfect day!
    I've never been to a Scholastic warehouse sale. I don't think we have them around here. We just have very small ones in school libraries.
    LOVE that swim suit!

    1. Our school library is having one this week. I felt a little guilty not buying from the school, but at those prices I got a ton more! I love the suit too:)

  3. You got the glam goin' on, gal! Nice tan, too. I'm the burn, peel, back-to-white type.

    Zip over to my blog and join my count-down linky. Leave a comment with the location of your school and how many days you have left.


  4. I would love to spend a day shopping with you :) Books and clothes, my 2 favourites !! I have never been to a Scholastic warehouse, looks amazing. I love your orange dress and new bikini. We are heading to the States soon, I have my list ready !!

  5. I just registered for the sale near me this weekend! I always get the fliers, but have never gone. Can I ask how many books you got for the forty-eight dollars you spent? Love all of your shopping finds!

    Literacy Spark

  6. I love all of your tropical vibe clothing! We are having a Hawaiian Day at school soon, and I can't find anything. At the least, I'm hoping to find a flower like the one you found. I'll have to check out our Ross! Have a great rest of the week!

    Primarily Speaking

    1. A Hawaiian day sounds so fun! Good luck on your shopping quest:)

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  8. I'm always fascinated in warehouse specially on the labels I find it more interesting I don't why but I want always to see labels everywhere in the products.


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