Five For Friday

Aloha Friday!!  My favorite day of the week!!  Again I am linking up with Kasey for her fun linky.

Well I went back to school this week and I made some fun posters to hang in my classroom to help with solving word problems.

How much do you love sharp pencils?  I am celebrating 700 followers with a sharpener giveaway.

If you have followed me for awhile you may know I don't love to cook and I often forget to eat.  There are so many other things to do, that stopping to eat kind of gets in the way.  Over Spring break I was in such a rush to get out and surf that I forgot to eat, more than once and then I had no energy:(

I think if I put this on the fridge it might help!  Don't know if the hubby will appreciate it though!

Finally I am having an end of the quarter sale.  It's the perfect time to snatch up those Spring Items and any out of season items you may have on your wish list.  I will have everything on sale at 20% off!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. I love your problem solving posters....a great visual for my kids. Really helpful along with your problem solving questions. Ryan Gosling doesn't look too bad either :) Happy long weekend ! The sun is shining here and we are actually sitting out in deck chairs !!!

    1. So glad to hear you are having some good weather!!

  2. Ryan Gosling could tell me what to do anytime! Enjoy your weekend!

    Extra Special Teaching

    1. Thanks Angelia! I hope you have had a great week off!

  3. Will you have the key words posters in your tpt store?

  4. I wish I had that problem. I love to cook and NEVER forget to eat. :) I love your Ryan Gosling meme. :)
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

    1. Hahaha! I know one of my colleagues used to say "I live to eat, but you eat to live ;)" Food just isn't a passion of mine :)

  5. I love your choice of backgrounds and frames. Your things always look so nice!

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Suntans and Lesson Plans


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