100 Days of School

Aloha friends! It feels like when the weekend comes I have so many things to share about our week.

Today I wanted to share a few freebies with you from our 100th Day of School.

We started off our day with our 100 Day Mystery Bottle activity that I got from Darlin' In First.

I found this little gem and it was such a fun activity that you should check out, especially if you have older students who have done some of the other 100 Day activities.

I sent home directions on Wednesday along with all of the materials.  I made my own bottle and showed the kids exactly what to do.  It was so fun watching them read their clues and make guesses about what was inside their bottle!

I wish I had taken more pics of some of the clues and answers, they were a real hoot!  Definitely a great activity for higher order thinking!!

After this activity we had math and we had several activities to keep us busy.

We read 100 Hungry Ants

and The Wolf's Chicken Stew

Both are really cute and the kids love hearing them.

Then I introduced our 100 Day snack activity.  The kids love any cooking activity and I try to do something once a month.  

Basically the kids get to make a trail mix of 100 items.  I found this idea in a book somewhere years ago and I do not claim this to be my own.  I just can't remember who to give credit to.  I have 10 bowls with 10 different items.  They count out 10 items from each bowl into their bag.

Here is the recipe if you would like a copy in Google Docs.

Can you guess what Derdnuh is??

While a few kids were making their snacks, the other students were at their seats decorating their recipe page and working on ways to make 100.

I really thought this would hold them for much longer, but I had a little guy finish this in less than 10 minutes!!  When I announced to the class that he was finished and I was so proud of him, it got really quiet while everyone tried to complete theirs quickly.

On the back of this sheet I made a 100 chart for them to fill in and then play Roll to 100 with it.

If you would like copies of any of these items just click on the links to grab them. 

One more freebie for you today. I drew this frame to help make my recipe page.  If you would like it to create something of your own then just click on this link to grab it. 


Do you celebrate the 100th Day of School?  What activities will you be doing this year?

Oh I almost forgot!  I just installed a new Pin button that appears when you hover over one of my pictures.  You can click on it and pin it right from here!!  I think it's cool, but what do you think about it??  


  1. Happy 100th Day! We are only at 80-something. Those snacks look good!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. Hi Corinna
    I just posted about the 100th day too. We haven't had ours yet but I made a fun new unit that I can't wait to try out. Love the 100th day. Aloha my friend.
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  3. What a lot of fun ideas! We started late this year, so we haven't had our hundred days yet. I may have to try a couple of your ideas. I like the idea of having them make 100 - but I can't believe you had a kiddo that finished that quickly. Wow!

    1. He sees numbers as patterns and quickly figures out everything! While I am introducing a lesson, he is already doing his independent work!

  4. Thanks for the 100's charts. I grabbed them right up. At my school we only have 6 classrooms. (2 kinders, 2 firsts, and 2 seconds) We do a 20 minute rotation through each room in the afternoon on Valentine's day. (We have our Valentine's Party first thing in the morning with a healthy breakfast as the food.)

    In each classroom we will do something that has to do with 100. Then move on to the next room. It's a lot of fun and a great way to spend the day revolved around 100!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas! As always they are terrific!
    Second In Line

  5. Thanks Patty! Sounds like a fun day, and I love that you have such a small school! It's so nice to know all of the students:)

  6. I love your recipe. I think I'll do that too! Thanks for sharing it:)
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  7. I do the 100th day snack, but with a little twist. The kids count out 100 items at home and bring them in to school with them. We mix them together in a big bowl by having one person at a time come and pour their snack in. We count by 100's to see how many snack go in the bowl. When we're done, we all get a little bowl of our big huge snack. They love seeing everything go in the bowl and how full it gets!

    I love the ways to make a hundred and the pin button! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  8. Love your ideas! Thank you for the 100 Day snack freebie! It will be fun to see if the kiddos figure it out!!

  9. Thanks for linking up to Show and Tell Tuesday!
    Looks like so much fun :)
    Sunny Days In Second Grade

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  12. What a fun day for your class! Thank you for all of the free items- I am excited to try the 100 ways to make 100 activity. :-)

  13. Do you have more on the 100 Day Mystery Bottle?

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