The Daily 5 Chapter 2

It has been great to see so much interaction happening with this book study!
Today I am going over Chapter 2 which deals with the Foundation of The Daily 5.

The sisters go through the steps of setting a foundation for this program.

Like any good teaching you need to start from the bottom up, scaffolding if you will.  You can't start something new if a firm foundation isn't in place.

I think this was why I felt I could not fully implement all parts of the Daily 5 in my classroom this last year.  I really love that I can spend the time at the beginning of this year to do it!!

What goals do you have for your classroom as you work to implement the principles and foundations of the Daily 5 discussed in Chapter 2?

Okay so what are some things that are important to have in place?

Do you trust your students!?? I think this is a huge one for me.  I want things to be perfectly in order and go off without a hitch, but if I don't believe my students can do it, then they probably won't.

This is why I want to start building trust with my students from the moment they walk in the door.  I need to teach them explicitly what I want them to do, practice, praise, reteach if necessary, practice again and then let them go be independent learners.  We all know this doesn't happen over night and I need to remind myself to take baby steps.

You know as I read this section I realized I had some choices in my center activities, but I still had full control of how it all went down.  I really want to provide my kids with more choice this year.  My problem with this approach is What do I do if I have a student who only chooses to go to the same area each time??  How do I give them Choice, but not tell them where to go?  I am looking for ideas and more insight on this one, so I am fully armed and ready when we begin the year!

Okay this is one I know I can implement and am excited to do this year.  I really want to build a positive and caring classroom community this year.  I have gained so many wonderful ideas through virtual tours of everyone's classrooms.  I am implementing the Behavior Clip Chart this year! I love how it focuses on the positive kids and less on the negative.  I felt so awful this year many times that I didn't acknowledge those great kids who were so sweet and always did what they were supposed to be doing.  I spent way too much time with my group of rascals.  Along with the Clip Chart I am also adding the Bucket Fillers Chart.  I think this is such a fantastic way to help students gain self esteem and learn to think of others.  I find so many of my students think only within themselves and don't see the bigger picture.

With a great sense of community my students will be more aware of themselves and others around them. This would tie in directly to how a sense of community will make more responsible learners.

I know I often start to teach something and realize that  I have not explained why we are doing this.  Why do you read to yourself?  Why do you want to read to someone?  Why do you want to listen to reading?  This seems so simple, but this made a lot of sense to me and I want to make sure I do this more often in my class.  I need to hook my students in and let them know this is for them and they need to WANT to do their work.

This is such a simple concept. It was kind of like "Why haven't I always done this?" I love the example that Gail gives in the book about getting back in shape.  This year in my class we slowly built up our Read To Self Stamina. First we did a few minutes, then it went up slowly, but pretty soon my guys were reading for 20 and 30 minutes!! 

Pinned Image

I love this one!!  I really want to be able to step back and watch my kids hard at work.  With my own two children I was always hovering and they learned to depend on me for everything!!  I have slowly put the responsibilty back on them and they are learning how to do things on their own.  I want to start off giving my students the responsibilty to be independent learners, show them exactly what I expect and just get out of the way!! (I think I need to teach this to some of my parents...)

What support do I need to do this??

Well right now I feel like I have tons of support from everyone doing this book study!!  However here are a few concerns:

Again, how do I give my students choices, but make sure they are doing everything they need to?

Did you inform your administrator that you are using Daily 5 or did you just do it?

Do you involve your parents in the process?

Well I don't have any  freebies yet, but stop by and visit our host Nicole.  She has a great Stamina chart for you!!

I look forward to reading everyone's ideas and feelings on this chapter!

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  1. I love your little banners. Cute.
    As far as your choice question, I interpreted it as the kids have to visit each of the Daily 5 stations (work times, rotations, centers, whatever they are called), but they get to choose what order they do it in. I was thinking of having a weekly checklist or ticket of some sort where the kids write or check mark where they went each day. Just an idea.
    Another question I just thought of (that I need to add to my post)... what if too many kids CHOOSE to go to the same activity? I guess I could set a limit at certain stations and the kids will just have to come back next time.
    Thanks for sharing! I sure do love book studies!

    1. Thanks Sarah. I have the same feeling about the choices. What if they all want to go the the same center? What is the limit and how do you make if fair for the rest of the students? I like your idea of a checklist. I will play around with some ideas. Thanks for all your insight:)

  2. I dove right into reading without looking at the title. I agreed with all of your ideas, which I had been reading about as I've studied Lucy Caulkins reading/writing workshop books. When I got to the bottom and realized you were reflecting on the DAILY 5, I was surprised. My grade mates within my district have commented on how successful they've been using the DAILY 5. It seems like it will be a smooth fit! I like integrating ideas. Thank you for your post.
    That is another book I'll need to focus on this summer :)
    Where Seconds Count 2nd grade blog

    1. I am so interested in reading Lucy Caulkins as well, but I told myself I would focus on a few new ideas this year! It can be overwhelming when you ook at all of the great ideas out there!!

  3. I read this book last October and am really enjoying reviewing it by reading your blog posts. Thank you so much! :)

    Delighted in Second

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I am enjoying reading everyone elses ideas as well.

  4. Our principal bought the book for our primary classes and sent it home for summer reading last summer. We implemented sections of it this year. What we did start we really liked, but for us we had to work some of the kinks out on behavior management before we felt like we could jump all the way in. We are looking forward to jumping in with both feet this year!
    We just found you and are now following you! If you get a chance to visit us sometime we would love it!
    Katie & Lisen

  5. This is my first go at the book and am really looking forward to implementing it (or parts of it) this next school year. Most of your concerns are mine as well. From what I've been reading on the blogs of teachers who are already implementing, they had to pick and choose what would work in their classrooms with what other requirements the school or district have in place. Testing (preparing for the test) is a biggie for my district. I'd like to implement it as authentically as possible, but I think there will be some ideas that I will have to adjust.
    Love your banners used for each of the key points.

  6. My parents have loved the Daily 5. I send home the introductory note on the Sister's website, and refer to what we're doing in weekly notes. I didn't tell my principal what I was doing until he asked what I had changed. The kids know they have to get to all 5 before they can start over. I use a checklist to keep track of where they are, coded by station or place (RS for Read to Someone, LRC for Listen to Reading-computer, T for teacher, S for Speech, B for bilingual, WW for work on writing, etc.) This year I'm also going to try a pocket chart where students put in cards to show what they've already chosen to help them keep track of their choices. If I only get to 3 rounds in one day, they know the next day they need to finish up before starting a new round. If they can give me a great reason, I'll let them repeat a round anyway.

    1. These are all really great ideas!! I have been debating getting a subscription to the site. I believe you can do a trial subscription. I would like my school to pay for it though.

  7. I really like your banners! I'm new to blogging, and certainly plan to keep it simple as I learn, but wanted to compliment you on yours! I agree that part of the excitement of the book study is to peak inside so many wonderful classrooms and their amazing teachers! Thanks for your input!

  8. Love your thinking! For choice, I let the kids pick WHEN they do each Daily Five, but they need to get to four of them (I don't have enough listening centers spot for all.) in the Daily Five time.

  9. Corinna, I just read your comment on my blog and couldn't email you make so I thought I'd comment again! I TOTALLY feel the curriculum crunch the way you do. I feel so torn sometimes, but I just try to remind myself of what I believe to be most important.

  10. Like some others who have commented, I understood it to be that each student had to do all 5 things in a given day and they were only choosing when they got to do them. I'm not sure I'll have time for five, glad to see an earlier post about when you have to go into the next day!

    Teaching Little Miracles

  11. ok, so I don't do Daily 5..but I DO do centers and guided reading, and we read silently EVERY.SINGLE. Day.

    BUT, I have a solution to your choice thingy.... check out my post on how I have them do centers...let me know if it helps or if you have Qs on it more so :)

  12. I have also been wondering about giving choice while making sure they complete a variety. After reading posts from other bloggers, I think I will be giving my students a weekly checklist to keep them accountable for their choices as well as emphasizing the importance of each task. If I see someone always skipping the same thing, that little and I may conference and work out a plan that has a little less choice (maybe mandating which activities and letting them choose the order.)

    I wasn't really planning on informing my administration that I was using D5, but I also have an alternative classroom structure and use a different curriculum. I think I might talk with our school's literacy coach if I was in regular ed, but maybe not. I'm a rebel like that.

    iced lattes and interventions

  13. I loved your ideas--I think using "carpet time" would really help in implementing the Daily 5. Have students talk about what reading strategies they used, what they did when they did not have enough stamina to keep reading. What they chose for word work. The positive reinforcement I think would help. There are always a few where they may need a little extra encouragement. By the way, I am one of your newest followers!


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